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2018-03-20 22:24:28

Live tour guide, I hope to help the majority of travelers!


Don't take a taxi in scenic spots, parking can go to the mall to play "line" is a big problem, take a taxi too difficult? It is recommended that you go to the nearby community, shopping malls, it is easier to get a car; Parking too hard? Consider the parking lot at the mall; The choice of buses is also good, cheap and can see the coastline.


Taxi is difficult, taxi only love to go to scenic spots With the surge in summer travel, the train waiting for taxis in short supply. Tourists waiting for taxis lined up from the East ticket office to the East lounge, but few taxis came. Many rentals only take tourists to scenic spots. If tourists want to take a taxi, it is best to avoid rush hour and do not take a taxi at scenic spots. You can choose to get a car at the entrance of the nearby community or shopping mall.


Parking at the scenic spot is difficult, and the shopping mall opposite can't stop the tourists who drive in, so parking has become a big problem. Scenic spot parking is difficult, may wish to find a parking space in the surrounding shopping mall, often a lot of surplus.


Bus travel, a yuan swim is also good taxi is not good to play, drive yourself is not good to stop, then the use of rich bus lines when traveling is an ingenious choice. Take No. 26 bus and No. 316 bus as an example, drive along the Qianhai line, on the way you can get off to enjoy the beauty of the coastline, as well as the quiet scenery of eight, and finally arrive at the May fourth Square located in the heart. Take No. 316 bus, you can also reach the Ocean Square, from the west to the east there are three large shopping malls Carrefour, Jia Shi Ke and McKaille, can meet the shopping needs of tourists, spend one yuan, swim.


Buy: The market seafood specialty is very good is a famous tourist city, beer, tea, dry seafood is the most popular tourist characteristic products. Of course, the supermarket is more expensive, but the quality is guaranteed. At present, many small specialties in the front line of Qianhai take the low-cost route, but the quality and variety are uneven, and there will be a lack of weight. If time permits, shop for seafood specialties, which locals recommend - farmers' markets. If you want to buy a pearl necklace, it is recommended that you still go to the big store.


Hotels cheaper in the morning The tourist season is coming, and the business of Island City hotels is booming. Small hotels are relatively cheap, business alcohol is more cost-effective, but it is difficult to book a room during the beer festival in advance. The same room is 20 yuan more expensive at night than in the morning in July, most family hotels near the railway station are in short supply. The price is about 100 to 150 yuan/day for couples, about 80 to 100 yuan/day for single rooms, and 120 to 180 yuan/day for standard double rooms. Some hotels cost 20 yuan more in the evening than in the morning. The owner said: "Our prices are floating with the off-peak season, usually only 50 or 60, from July 1 began to increase, and now the supply of rooms is in short supply, so the price will rise accordingly, until the beer festival will be about 100 yuan higher, the nearby hotels are about the same price." Also, during Oktoberfest, most rooms in family hotels cannot be booked. Business wine and star wine prices in the tourist season also vary. Among the five-star wines, Shangri-La is currently priced at 2,450 yuan plus 15 percent service charge. Reservations are available during the beer festival, but the price has not been determined. Eagle Valley Courtyard, Litian, and other star wine prices are about six or seven hundred yuan; Home Inn, Hanting and other chain fast wine prices are around three or four hundred yuan, some rooms have been booked during the beer festival, some have not opened the beer festival reservations.