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lol Blind monk super show in detail, easy to kill and pretend to force oh.

2018-01-08 20:48:00

Blind monk as a wild hero is very liked by players, in the early play wild is very strong, to play well it is also very show skill operation still need to pay attention to some details, I will start to talk about it.




Blind monk hero


Let's talk about its passivity is in the use of q, w, e, r skills after the next attack will gain attack speed increase, but also restore energy.


q skill is the sky sound wave, hit the enemy will cause physical damage, in the fight with the enemy, q to the enemy wait for a while in the past, reduce the cooldown time, so that you can play more q skills out.


w skill is to touch the eye or w to the enemy, the blind monk and friendly forces will have a shield effect, super cool trick is, q, r, q and r, q, q are very easy to hit and can also follow the enemy displacement, to prevent the critical moment by the enemy fire.


e skill is to beat the floor, to cause magic damage to the enemy, but also to make some hidden some visible, such as invisible Timo can be shot out, hit the enemy will be slowed down.


The big move is the roundabout kick to repel the enemy and cause physical damage. The r flash technique is that when the r enemy is reading the article, it flashes behind the enemy and kicks the enemy back. There is also a roundabout kick technique that when the enemy is in the q, it takes the second q to go back to the enemy. Then use r to kick the enemy key back and win the game. There is also one of the most cool joint move is q to the enemy, and then use r flash to kick the enemy back, and then use the second q to follow back, killing is also special cool oh. These are things that take practice.


Skin can choose as follows, the game is still good.

Matters needing attention

To kick the crust back.