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LOL Raz Infinite Diffusion Explosion AOE tips

2018-03-12 11:12:18

In the current 7.5 release, Raz has been weakened again. But in the hands of the great God, as long as the core mechanism has not changed, Riz is still a God-like existence. In this article, we will teach you a new Raz damage output technique to compensate for, or even reverse, the impact of nerf with actions!




The world's first: 1 play 4 instant seconds 4 people Ritz will these eight invincible in the cognition of most people, Ritz clear soldiers and AOE output is dependent on EEQ. That is, E is used twice against the same enemy, and then E's ejection mechanism is used to exert a "surge" effect on the enemies in the range, and finally Q hits enhanced damage. The new ideas and skills we want to use are also EEQ operations, but the scope of damage can be expanded more than twice: below, we will introduce this new ideas and skills in detail. First, let's look at a few important mechanics of Raz E skills:


Raz's E skill applies the Surge effect to enemies, while the Q skill catapults nearby units that have the Surge effect. If the target itself has a "surge" effect, then using E on it will spread to nearby enemies; If the Surge unit is killed, the Surge effect will also spread to nearby enemies. If you use EEQ on the same target, then only a small number of enemies can take one EQ damage, and other enemies can take up to one E damage. But what if that's the case


On the graph, the small blue circle is the range of the E skill ejection. This range is based on the minions in front of Raz, whether they are killed with EE or EQ, they can be catapulted to nearby units.


You should notice the two small yellow circles that I have marked in the figure, what will happen if the two E skills are used on each of these two targets? Operation: 1. Use E skill on two minions in the yellow circle respectively (A and B have "surge" effect at the same time); 2. Use the Q skill on the nearest pawn. Effects: 1. The Q skill will kill the A minion, and the "surge" effect will spread to the neighborhood; 2. At the same time, Q will catapult to B, and then catapult to nearby [units that are propagated by A with the "surge" effect]; 3. At the same time, Unit B will also die, and the surge effect will spread to enemies near Unit B again;


4. Second ejection, each dead unit is a new medium, spreading the "surge" effect to nearby enemies twice, and the enemy propagated by the B unit will take a full EQ damage; 5. Finally, two units A and B are used as radiation, causing a large range of damage (EQ damage) and a large range of marks (E damage + effect). That's the effect on the opening picture! Perhaps the text description does not seem to understand, so here is a real combat GIF to describe in detail


It can be seen that after the Q catapults into the gun car, the "surge" spreads to the minions at the same time, the Q skill damage explodes on the fish man; Then catapult to minions, causing minions to die, secondary spread "surge" damage and effects!


This is also why occasionally see the highlight reel, Ritz an EQ to kill the whole audience, and then reverse the reason for life. The player may not even realize that he has inadvertently used this trick!


Talent Runes & Equipment The following is provided by the "Tech control" data site [7.5 version of the highest win rate series], you can use this as a reference. If you have a more detailed understanding, then you do not need to change your original intention; If you don't know what to choose, try:


This rune provides the multi-faceted attributes that Raz needs, the only drawback is that there is no armor, and you can exchange 1 or 2 gems for armor when facing a single in AD.


Wind Riding is still the most popular and winnable Raze talent, and the Determined 12 talent will help Raze survive longer on the battlefield. And living is the most basic cornerstone of injury.


After the time and archangel rod shape, the combat effectiveness of Raz will be a qualitative improvement, and this is also the strongest period of Raz. Follow up with ghost books and CD shoes, with runes to Rez's cooling reduction stack full, damage is the world cap is the only choice. Defensive properties can be selected spring armor or gold body; Function of the optional method to Pierce the rod or ice stick and so on.