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LOLs7 new Carter Single Talent Rune S7

2018-03-16 11:12:06

Carter this hero, in S7, we all know has been revised, the League of Assassins version, Carter is actually good, as long as you can play, this hero is still very strong, then here to introduce the new Carter should be how to point talent runes.


League of Legends



LOLs7 new Carter medium talent with additional graphics

Deceitful system: 18 points this version of Carter's words, here I recommend that you point out the Thunder this ultimate talent, so that Carter's consumption ability and explosion more powerful. The specific point method is as follows.


Determination: 12 points in Determination, here we point out the insight into this talent, make his skill CD shorter, let him flash better faster. The specific point method is as follows.


LOLs7 new version of the single talent in the Carter dot map, only for beginners reference! Don't spray if you don't like it!

LOLs7 new version of the Carter single character

LOLs7 new Carter single character 9 Advanced Spell Penetration Marks 9 Advanced Growth Health Marks 6 Advanced Cooldown Reduction glyph,3 Advanced Magic Resistance glyph 3 Advanced Spell Strength Essence


LOLs7 new Carter single skill dot main Q, sub E, point level W, with R point R.


In Carter's case, this version still uses Q skills to consume the opposite side, if there is a dagger in the place where E skills land, we can trigger range damage, and also reduce the CD of E skills.