Passionate women, of course, cannot but worry about men’s thoughts. But is it necessary to play the role of Othello to be loved? How do men relate to jealousy from a lady of the heart?

To a certain extent, jealousy can flatter male pride. But in most cases, she is a serious irritant. Perhaps in small doses, jealous behavior can stir up and reignite stagnant relationships. With constant problems associated with distrust in the loyalty of a partner, love quickly fades away.

In fact, men experience discomfort and fear when faced with a jealous girl. Their usual image of “the keeper of the hearth” and “mother of children” does not coincide with the disheveled and screaming lady. In such a situation, they try to end such a relationship as soon as possible and find a calmer and more gentle life partner for themselves.

Interestingly, according to statistics, jealousy is the second most popular reason for committing serious crimes. It clouds the mind and makes it impossible to take control of itself.



According to the luminaries of psychology, the prerequisites for a jealous attitude towards a partner arise in girls at a very young age. Parents should definitely pay attention to their relationships, as they leave a clear imprint on young children’s minds. Very often, a child…