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Lugu Lake travel accommodation

2018-04-30 17:36:00

Lugu Lake at the junction of and, although the drive to Lugu Lake is relatively long, the road condition is not good, but the scenery along the way is very beautiful, so it will not feel boring.


Day 1: (20:20) -- Xichang (6:38) 20:20 PM From the train to (N871), buy tickets to Xichang, express, sleeper, including insurance. Train: N871-Xichang 20:20-6:38. Upper berth 89.00 Middle Berth 92.00 Lower berth 95.00 (Early train. K145, 16:10 -- 1:48, K113, 13:00-21:50) Day 2: Xichang ———— Lugu Lake 6:38 am to Xichang. From the railway station, you can take No. 12 bus from the railway station to Xichang bus passenger Station, 1 yuan during the day, 2 yuan at night; The taxi is 10 yuan. Xichang - Lugu Lake direct train, 8:40 departure, only one class a day, ticket price: 68.00/ person, there are two cars open every day. If you don't get a ticket, you can take the bus to Xichang (it seems to come every half an hour), the ticket price is 33 yuan, about three or four hours to arrive (usually lunch here). Then take the shuttle bus to Lugu Lake (the latest one is 12 noon). About three hours to Zuosuo Town (Luguhu Town). About 6-7 hours in total. After arriving, you can also charter a car to Lugu Lake, if you encounter the car to return to Luhu Lake is better, a person can be 30 yuan. From about two hours to the toll station, buy tickets to enter the Lugu Lake scenic spot for 80 yuan per person. After another 1 hour to the town of left (Lugu Lake town). At the border of Caohai and Lugu Lake, ride 15 round the whole village! It's still early enough to have fun and watch the sunset. Get some rest when it's late. Other inn: Gesang Inn chain Lugu Lake. Also optional: to Dazui Village, half an hour to the ticket price of 10 yuan. Day 3: Caohai (or Dazui Village) - Left - Li Ge Caohai returned, after lunch, it is recommended to walk to Li Ge village. It is said that the most beautiful scenery is from Lugu Lake town to the scenery along the way!! The meeting passed the Lugu Lake's first Mosuo village, Xiaoluo Village, and Yang Erche Nam's clean reception station. Take the trail (shorter) about three hours to the Rig Peninsula.


Mosuo culture: We Mosuo people are shy by nature, and the reason why we adopt this way of walking marriage is entirely because of the "shy culture". My asha and I walk in the village not to say hand in hand, even a little closer, I feel uncomfortable, especially in front of parents, brothers and sisters, and will not mention anything about Asha, sexual topics, which is taboo among the Mosuo people. Talk about walking marriages. Mosuo 13 years old has a "Chengding ceremony", that has grown up, boys began to wear pants, girls began to wear skirts, and have their own flower house, but that does not mean that you can start walking marriage, 13 years old people are not mature psychologically and physically, how can walking marriage? The first three years after the age of 13 is the flirting period, which is probably to fall in love with the eyes, the second three years is to send gifts and tokens to each other, which is the process of mutual selection, the third three years may start walking marriage, that is everyone has been 19 and 20 years old, they also understand each other, love rib, the boy will be in the dance QQ girl's palm, (There will be no physical contact at other times) If willing, the girl will kickback, so that after 12 o 'clock at night, the parents are asleep, and carefully knock on the girl's door. In many cases, it is not what everyone thinks, we just look at the moon to chat and promote understanding, because there are many people during the day, shy, it is impossible to know a lot. Wait until both parties feel the right time, will be really together. The cock crows at five o 'clock in the morning, and the boy has to hurry home before his parents get up, and if he catches him, he will die of shyness. So, in fact, walking marriage is completely because too shy, to avoid the product of love. Our "asha" is fixed and deeply emotional. After the relationship is fixed, we will take tobacco and wine to the girl's home to "respect the pot village", that is, to respect the girl's ancestors and gods, that is, the engagement ceremony of the Han nationality. When the child is born, there will be a major "child recognition ceremony", that is, the Han marriage ceremony. So it is said that the outside world that the child does not know who the father is impossible, although the father's care is not as much as the uncle, but after the child recognition ceremony, the whole village knows who is the father of the child, the child grows up, of course, he will know from relatives and friends. In addition, the chaotic so-called "walking marriage" is completely a misunderstanding of urban people, but also some tourism development, the transplantation of "one night stand" in the city, every ethnic group has different types, we Mosuo people despise those so-called "walking marriage king", isolated by the village people, because we believe in Tibetan Buddhism, subject to strict moral restrictions, but, Nowadays, many Mosuo people are very seriously Sinicized, separated from their families, have no faith, and cheat girls with "walking marriage". We feel very sad. Clang wine and Sulima wine are both corn and buckwheat barley five grains brew out, the degree of Sulima wine is relatively low, here is generally a woman drink, although only twenty degrees of Clang wine, but generally have the case of Sulima wine is a man to drink. During the Chinese New Year, every Mosuo mother will brew an endless supply of Jingdang wine and Surima wine at home. You can't drink that good wine without Lugu Lake. Clang wine is because it will unconsciously slide under the table, and hear the wine "clang" sound. I really don't know the origin of Surima's name, but in Mosuo it is called "Kri". Props for walking marriage: a hat, hanging under the girl's window, suggesting that others do not disturb; A belt to assist in entering a girl's boudoir; At parties, lovers can scratch their palms to show their love. The campfire was lit in the iron pot in the courtyard dam, and the Mosuo guys were wearing colorful national costumes to lead the dance in front, with their index fingers hooked on their index fingers, and the Mosuo girls were wearing white long dresses and red jackets as a team behind them, and the rhythm of their footsteps was neat and powerful, and the songs and feelings were passed between the girls and the guys with the beat. There is no distinction between advanced and backward in the way of life. Do not worry unnecessarily about the life of the Mosuo people, do not force other ways of life with a messianic attitude, and do not come here as a superior group of people to satisfy their vanity. Come to Lugu Lake is not for material comforts, so please choose a Mosuo family hostel like Erche, do not promote the pure commercial behavior that destroys the scenery and customs of Lugu Lake. Many people are worried about the rapid changes in Lugu Lake, worried about the disappearance of Mosuo culture, and worried that pure love is tainted by material desire. Indeed, Lugu Lake is changing, and so are the people around it. Some Mosuo people have their own views on the current family of walking marriage, and there are many people who are eager to achieve quick success and endanger the natural scenery of Lugu Lake; There are Mosuo people out of their ethnic group, there will also be outsiders to join the Mosuo people to join the Lugu Lake. The love of Lugu Lake and the scenery of Lugu Lake are very cohesive. Only those who truly appreciate this idyllic landscape and are willing to choose and adapt to this lifestyle will stay here. No matter what ethnic group they are from, they are all Mosuo in their hearts, and this is their spiritual home. After all, Lugu Lake is too small, and the lifestyle of Lugu Lake is simple. There is no need to worry, there is no need to criticize, Mosuo people out of Lugu Lake will have more choices, sincerely love Lugu Lake, willing to choose Mosuo life will guard Lugu Lake. Love in Lugu Lake. Mosuo people are a branch of the Mongolian, now their identity cards still indicate that they are Mongolian, so the boys and girls are relatively tall, facial contour, have a good singing voice, are handsome boys and handsome girls. But we hardly have a chance to meet the big girls, Er Che is really a handsome guy. According to him, walking marriage does not mean random or irresponsible. After the girls became Ding ceremony at the age of 13, they were allowed to marry by default, and their lovers were not only their favorite objects, but also had to go through many tests. Bonfire on the palm to convey love, look at the moon and stars, sing flowers, talk about love. After months of emotional gestation to enter the girl's attic, the men came at night and returned in the morning. Their family values determine their pure love. Girls and boys have only love in their eyes, no family concept, no money. But Lugu Lake does not allow emotions to overflow, frivolous people in this world is to be spurned. Family and affection in Lugu Lake. In Lugu Lake, family love trumps all. Lugu Lake a boatman sang such a song, the general idea is that brothers love is better than husband and wife love, with the Chinese "brothers like brothers, wife like clothes" seems to be unable to fully interpret the meaning of the lyrics. "Wife like clothes" is too frivolous, a little arrogant. The boatman's song reveals the little helplessness of men in that society, and also shows that their hearts rely on the family. Generally speaking, after marriage, the relationship between men and women is relatively stable, and after the birth of their first child, they will offer a wine treat, declare their love to relatives and friends, and witness their relationship. But children will live with their mother and her family, and their family affection makes them consciously responsible for the upbringing of the children and the support of the elders. Even if some men and women are emotionally broken, it will not affect the harmony and stability of the family.


Lugu Lake grandmother room Grandmother room is the room where the old grandmother lives in the Mosuo family, is the place where the family eats and lives, receives relatives and friends, and shares the joy of family. The two pillars supporting the beam of the grandmother's house are taken from the same wood, the female pillar at the root of the tree and the male pillar at the top of the tree, indicating that the Mosuo family is supported by both women and men. Girls and boys in the family at the New Year's Day ceremony after the age of 13, to wear adult clothes, separated in the female column and the male column next to. When the ceremony is over, they are the adults in the family and begin to assume the responsibilities of the family. There were two doors in my grandmother's room, both with high thresholds and low lintels, and the two doors were not straight but staggered. Because the Mosuo people believe that ghosts do not turn and bend, so the design of the door can keep the ghost out. It's just that people have to bend down and lift their legs when they get in and out. The fire pit in my grandmother's house is the most sacred place for the Mosuo people, who believe that fire can help them communicate with gods and dead ancestors, so the pedestal behind the fire pit is a place to worship gods and ancestors.


The rules of the fire pit: firewood should be burned from the root, not put the cart before the horse, in the process of burning can not make the fire splash; Do not cross the fire; Do not turn your back on the fire; Do not litter the fire pit (and do not spit on the fire pit); Do not take off your shoes to roast your feet on the fire; Get permission from others before passing in front of them; As long as the relatives of the same blood source are present, or there are old people present, or in the fire pit, any words that can cause sexual association (such as "father", "brother-in-law", "sister-in-law", etc.) are prohibited, otherwise it will make the shuttle present extremely embarrassing; Do not talk about "walking marriage", "love" and so on. Before eating every meal, Mosuo people will take the first bite of food and offer it to the sacred table, pour the first glass of wine in the fire pool, and then start to eat to show respect for the gods and ancestors. Due to the wooden structure of the house, it is easy to cause fire, in addition to careful care of the fire, the Mosuo people will also pray for the power of the gods to protect the house. The most left side facing the fire is the grandmother's bed, which is the sleeping bed of the big master (usually the old grandmother in the family). Between the grandmother's bed and the fire pond is the seat of the female family, the other side of the fire pond is the seat of the male, the seat of the elder master and the old uncle is close to the two sides of the fire pond, is the most honorable position. The other members are arranged in order of seniority, which shows that the Mosuo people respect their elders very much. Guests are also not allowed to sit in the grandmothers' and uncles' seats without the permission of the head of household, otherwise it is considered disrespectful.

Matters needing attention

Lugu Lake commercial atmosphere is still relatively light, so it is best to get the accommodation done before travel, you can book online, such as Gesang Inn chain.