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Macao maternal and child products shopping guide

2018-03-02 17:36:00

Due to the mainland's maternal and infant products feel less assured, and frequent exposure of milk powder problems, so the mainland will choose to buy maternal and infant products in Macao, which is relatively more assured. So, go to Macao mother and child supplies shopping strategy, Xiaobian to introduce to you Bao Ma for this.


Buy baby and baby products


1. Macau. There are selling milk powder and maternal and child supplies and so on, treasure mothers can look inside to know.


Ii. Kuchon of Macau. Watsons also buy some medicines, cosmetics, milk powder and other maternal and infant supplies, so Bao Ma can also choose to choose in Watsons is also very good.


Third, the new Yaohan Department Store in Macau. The New Yaohan Department store in Macao has many kinds of goods, and the goods are relatively complete. It is also a good place to choose maternal and infant products.


4. Baby products near Dashanba. There are many nearby Dashanba, so you can refer to it one by one, and then compare the price.


City wine children's world. The mother and child supplies here are also relatively complete, to the city a stroll can find the desired supplies.


6. Macau's Red Market. The maternal and infant products in the Red Market are cheaper than before, and they are all the same goods, so you may wish to have a look here.

Matters needing attention

Macau is not big, so there is enough time in a day to get there and back.