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Macau buy IPHONE7 guide, with Hong Kong, Macau price comparison

2018-03-03 04:48:00

From October 14, the Macau version of iPhone 7 can be purchased on Apple's official website (Macau), but is it worth it to buy compared with the China Bank and Hong Kong version of iPhone? Let's have a look! Content source: Pocket Hong Kong APP Guide area


Hong Kong and Macao Permit


Endorsement from Hong Kong and Macao


First, everyone is most concerned about the price, from the quote, Macao to buy iPhone in the "ideal exchange rate" is still very cheap. Details are as follows: iPhone 7 Macau official website 32GB: MOP 5788 (approx RMB 4867) 128GB: MOP 6588 (approx RMB 5551) 256GB: MOP 7388 (approx RMB 6225) Hong Kong official website 32GB: MOP 5788 (approx RMB 6225) HKD 5588 (approx. RMB 4880) 128GB: HKD 6388 (approx. RMB 5577) 256GB: HKD 7188 (approx. RMB 6277) 32GB: RMB 5388128GB: RMB 6188256GB: RMB 6988iPhone 7 Plus Macau Website 32GB: MOP 6788 (approx RMB 5719) 128GB: MOP 7688 (approx RMB 6477) 256GB: MOP 6788 MOP 8588 (approx RMB 7236) Hong Kong official website 32GB: HKD 6588 (approx RMB 5753) 128GB: HKD 7388 (approx RMB 6452) 256GB: HKD 8288 (approx RMB 7238) Mainland official website 32GB: RMB 6388128GB: RMB 7188256GB: RMB 7988


Macau recently opened its first Apple flagship, which made it easier to buy iphones. Apple Store Galaxy Macau Address: Cotai City Galaxy Macau Fashion Mall Business Hours: Monday to Thursday, Sunday: 10:00 am - 22:00 Friday and Saturday: 10:00 am - 23:59 PM Arrival: There are several local bus routes, as well as free shuttle bus service from Galaxy Macau.


From the perspective of reservation, the mainland version of Plus has been difficult to book, even if there is 32G and 256G, 128G is difficult to book. The Macau version of the iPhone 7 is the best to book, in terms of color, bright black is the most difficult to book, the three regions are the same! The Hong Kong version is similar, the iPhone is easy to book, Plus only 256G is relatively easy. The reservation situation of the Macau version is almost the same as the Plus 128G is difficult to make an appointment, and the bright black is difficult to make an appointment, except for the other models and colors are relatively easy.


Finally, the Macau version clearly supports 4G, and those with version needs may wish to consider the Macau version of iPhone.