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Maintenance of soldering iron head

2018-04-12 03:12:27

The correct use of the iron head and pay attention to the maintenance of the iron head, not only can the life of the iron head, but also the excellent heat transfer performance of the iron head can be fully played.

Iron tip maintenance should pay attention to those details

Before welding work must first clean sponge wet water, and then squeeze excess water. Only in this way can the soldering iron head get the best cleaning effect. If you use a non-moist cleaning sponge, it will damage the soldering iron tip and cause no tinning.


The following welding sequence allows the soldering tip to be protected by the solder and to reduce the oxidation rate.


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Try to use low temperature welding High temperature will accelerate the oxidation of the iron head, reduce the life of the iron head. If the temperature of the soldering iron tip exceeds 470°C, its oxidation rate is twice that of 380°C.


When welding, do not apply too much pressure, otherwise the soldering iron head will be damaged and deformed. As long as the soldering tip can fully contact the solder joint, the heat can be transferred. In addition, choosing the right soldering iron head can also help heat transfer.


Often keep the soldering iron tip tin This can reduce the chance of oxidation of the soldering iron tip, making the soldering iron tip more durable. After use, the new solder should be added after the temperature of the soldering iron head is slightly reduced, so that the tin layer has a better anti-oxidation effect.


Keep the iron tip clean and clean the oxide immediately If there is black oxide on the iron tip, the iron tip may not tin, and it must be cleaned immediately. When cleaning, first set the temperature of the iron tip to about 250°C, and then clean the iron tip with a cleaning sponge, and then tin. Repeat until the oxide is removed.


A flux with high activity or causticity will accelerate the corrosion of the soldering iron tip when heated, so a low-corrosive flux should be selected.


When the electric iron is not needed, the electric iron should be carefully placed on the appropriate iron frame to avoid damage from the collision of the iron head.


Choosing the right iron tip Choosing the right size and shape of the iron tip is very important, choosing the right iron tip can make the work more efficient and increase the durability of the iron tip. Choosing the wrong iron head will affect the maximum efficiency of the welding iron, and the welding quality will be reduced.

Matters needing attention

When replacing the iron tip, select the original white iron tip and confirm the iron tip model. If you use a non-original white soldering iron head or use a mismatched soldering iron head, it will affect the original performance of the welding iron and damage the heating core and circuit board and other components.