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Major shopping locations in South Korea

2018-02-21 11:12:00

South Korea is the shopping paradise of MM, there are endless fashion trend goods empty your purse is not soft. Come and have a look! A trip to Seoul is the most exciting place to stimulate people's desire to shop, mainly tax-free, Dongdaemun, Myeongdong, Shinsegae Department store - each place is fascinating, each place will make you become a true "shopping addict".


When you think of shopping, you think of Myeongdong. Myeongdong, located in Jung-gu, Seoul, is a representative shopping street in Korea. There are high-end brand shops on both sides of the street, and some less well-known mid-range brand shops and bonded shops in the hutongs on both sides of the road. Compared with other shopping streets, Myeongdong has its own unique charm that attracts people. Whether it is jewelry, clothing, sports shoes, leather shoes, boots, or second-hand goods, everything here. In addition to the exclusive sales on both sides of the street, there are some discounts that can be haggled. Here you can enjoy walking around, choose your favorite styles and models, to ensure that you can meet your shopping desires. Myeongdong can be called the number one paradise for shopping, you can definitely visit Oh. Myeongdong area of the business is constantly updated every day, rapid development, shopping is very convenient, shopping a day may not be finished. If you feel a little tired or hungry after carrying a bag of shopping, you can also go to the nearby restaurant or cafe to rest for a while.


If Myeongdong is the most K-pop shopping street, Itaewon is the most exotic shopping street. This shopping street, known as the "City of Nations", is located between Itaewon Dong 1 and Dong 2. There are many shops on both sides of the street, mainly selling goods designed and produced with foreign tastes, which attracts many foreign tourists to shop and consume here. Tourists from all over the world walking in Itaewon shopping street; You can hear people talking in English and other foreign languages everywhere. Itaewon, a small city, has become a favorite shopping paradise for tourists from all over the world.


Upscale Shopping District of Seoul, Apgujeong-dong & Cheongdam-dong In Apgujeong, you can see high-end department stores, brand-name stores, and flagship of world brands everywhere... The most fashionable and personalized clothes and fine products are displayed in different window displays, making you quickly feel the "magic" of Seoul's most famous fashion street! In addition to the dazzling array of luxury goods, Apgujeong plastic surgery industry has also attracted the attention of the world, after more than ten years of development, now Apgujeong has another nickname - "plastic surgery street." Cheongdam-dong, which is adjacent to Apgujeong, is known as a high-end shopping area with many high-end brands in the world, and many celebrities and famous artists come to shop there on weekdays.


If you want to know what is the most authentic Korean traditional art, if you want to deeply experience the most authentic Korean traditional culture, Insa-dong should be the first choice. Known as the "street of traditional culture," this street was the home of government officials and nobles in the Joseon Dynasty, and there are still many well-preserved traditional Hanok. Insa-dong's unique elegant atmosphere has attracted many art galleries to take root here, and the former aristocratic district has become a treasure place for contemporary artists to exchange with each other. After visiting famous galleries in Insa-dong, you can also buy Korean products such as ceramics, Hanbok, traditional handicrafts, and ancient art.


Ewha Womans University Business Street Ewha Womans University Business Street is one of the famous university streets in Seoul. It is lined with shops catering to young women consumers such as fashion clothes, exquisite decorations, fashion stationery, and beauty salons. Fashionable, young and beautiful female college students love to go shopping and eat here, which has become the most beautiful "scenery" of Ewha Women's University business street.


Namdaemun Market is the oldest and largest wholesale market in South Korea. South Korean locals like to affectionately refer to Namdaemun Market as "the kitchen of the common people." The number of shops in Namdaemun Market reaches tens of thousands, men's and women's clothing, children's clothing, kitchen supplies, food, daily groceries and many other goods can be wholesale and retail, the price is very cheap, not only Seoul people love to go, even foreign tourists are attracted to it.


DOOTA Mall in Dongdaemun, Seoul is a fashion front for young people. Because Seoul's youth culture changes rapidly, it is only in a bustling business district like Dongdaemun Market that you can keep up with the youth culture. Due to the fierce competition among various stalls, they are competing to update their goods to ensure that their goods can always walk in the forefront of fashion. If you are a fashion family that catches up with the trend, if you are a young generation that likes Korean fashion and never falls behind, then come to this fashion front for young people DOOTA to take a look.


It is easy to buy handygifts. The Lotte supermarket, which is located near the exit of Seoul Subway Station, is the best place for tourists to buy handygifts. Enter this two-storey big supermarket, whether it is brand-name products, electronic products, beauty cosmetics, daily necessities, all kinds of food and so on. In order to facilitate foreign tourists to buy goods packaging, supermarket checkout are provided with packaging boxes, very intimate.


Duty-free is Samsung's point, with 300 brands and abundant supply. Every day, tourists from all over the world come to Seoul to shop. There is a unique hanging garden cafe for tourists to rest after shopping. As the number of customers from China is increasing, the company has increased the number of Chinese shopping guides (coupons are available on the Hantour website) and the Chinese guide of the store. It is also promoting the service on its waiting search website. In addition, it is opening duty-free offices and hiring local staff. You can use UnionPay to swipe your card in the tax-free period