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Make a romantic proposal

2018-01-08 22:24:00

Valentine's Day is approaching, there must be a lot of men plan to propose to her beloved, girls love surprises, so be sure to understand the most creative way to propose, then how to propose creatively? How about learning how to propose creatively


Ring, rose




If time permits, two people can meet to travel to a romantic ancient town, when people play, the mood will unconsciously begin to become cheerful. You can leave for a moment, ask a few passers-by to follow along to help cooperate, first offer roses. When your girlfriend has more and more roses in her hand, take out an engagement ring and ask her to marry you! The people around you will be applauding and cheering for you!


Many couples don't work in the same house, but that's okay, you can go to her, say hello to her colleagues in advance, and help cooperate on the day. First put the girlfriend away, set up, and when the girlfriend comes out, find that there is no one, and the romance between you and the big screen, this time you hold a rose and a ring to propose! She would have been so proud.


Ferris wheel proposal Ferris wheel seems to have become a synonym for romance, find an opportunity to take her to sit on a Ferris wheel, when the Ferris wheel slowly rises, the beautiful night scenery makes her deeply intoxicated. At this time, you can sing Eason Chan's "Ferris Wheel of Happiness", ask the staff to cooperate, while you sing, turn on all the decorative lights in the park, and finally, take out your diamond ring to propose.


In fact, many people have not seen fireflies, if you propose in the summer, then you can consider using fireflies to surprise her with a romantic proposal. Fireflies can create a natural dreamlike atmosphere for you. On the day of the proposal, take her to a place where there are many fireflies and surprise her with a romantic proposal with flying fireflies.