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Make your own Buddha beads

2018-04-05 09:36:27

I did not know what tools I needed to make Buddhist beads. At the beginning, I did not know anything about it, but my enthusiasm for making Buddhist beads prompted me to look up information online, buy tools, make my first string of Buddhist beads, and taste all the joys and sorrows in it.


Electric hand drill, glass opener, hand saw, grinder, bench drill, bench pliers, 2mm nails, 2mm drill bit, 360 mesh sandpaper


Wood twig


The first method, you need to have a grinder, a hand saw, a hand drill, a glass mouth opener, the size of the glass mouth opener should be slightly less than the size of the Buddha beads you do, so that you can grind your Buddha beads, the specific operation in the online sale of the page of the circle repair machine. First use the saw to saw the wood into the required size slightly larger square wood block, if it is easy to use the appropriate branch directly sawed, it is directly the approximate cylindrical wood block, the next operation is more troublesome or slightly dangerous, must pay attention to safety, if you use the grinder to grind the small wood block into the approximate log bead, I suggest first use 2MM nails on the wood block, Then take a nail to slowly grind the small wooden block into a near round, the rest is fixed with a hand drill fixed needle fixed wood beads, round and polished with a mouth opener.


The second method, you need to have a table drill, or the hand drill into a table drill shelf, that also have to sell, but this method also has a Buddha knife, the larger the Buddha knife, the need for the bench drill power is large, it is recommended to choose 18mm below the diameter, but also use the pliers to fix the wood, the shape of the wood must be regular, otherwise there will be no situation when using the Buddha knife on both sides. Then it is not a wooden bead, and the wooden bead off the car is also rounded with a glass mouth opener.


The third method requires a three-jaw chuck, which is just like having a lathe, which is unnecessary and unrealistic for many enthusiasts, so I won't go into details. Look at the Buddha beads I made myself!