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Make your own ID photo method

2018-02-21 08:00:00

The rapid development of society, a variety of examinations, recruitment, application, certificate, etc., more and more, these need certificate photos. Sometimes urgent, sometimes the required size is not the same. Now many photos use electronic version, every time to go to the studio to re-shoot is very troublesome, and time is not allowed. Can you make a kind of certificate photo with the life photo saved by the computer? The answer is yes.


A photo saved on a computer


1, enter the online production software; 2. Click the triangle on the right side of "ID Photo Type" to open the menu and select the type of ID photo you made; 3. Start making.


1. Click "Select File"; 2, in the box to find the picture to upload, click; 3. Click "Open".


1, click "Request" to view, and then close the view page; 2. Click "Next".


1. Adjust the selection box according to the instructions on the left and lower side of the page; 2, after the adjustment, click "Next".


1, according to the page requirements, select one that meets the requirements; 2. Right click on the picture and click "Save Picture as" in the middle of the box.


1. Locate the location where the hard disk is stored and click Save. 2. Finally check whether the photos meet the requirements. (Here is an example, the clothes do not meet the requirements)