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Make your own nourishing mask for perfect skin

2018-03-08 14:24:00

For the MM who work at the computer every day, the most comfortable thing to return to their own den after work at night is to soak their feet, apply a mask, and relax their nerves and mood in the sound of music. The soft homemade mask is applied to the face, just like the delicious food that irrigates the open pores, and the pampered skin is immediately moisturized and tender! 1. Raw materials of fresh milk potato yolk mask: 100g fresh milk, 1 potato, 1 egg. Method: Wash the potatoes, peel them, grate them and put them in a glass dish. Use a filter spoon to separate the egg white from the egg yolk. Mix the egg yolk with the grated potato and add the fresh milk. Use a mixing stick or chopsticks to mix the potato, egg yolk and fresh milk into a paste. Heat slightly and continue to stir well, apply lightly to your face, and rinse off with warm water after 15 minutes. Beauty effect: can replenish moisture for dry skin, effectively improve skin quality, make skin more smooth and tender, and can make skin more firm and delicate. Tips: Suitable for dry skin. Sprouted or black spot potatoes are toxic, and must not be used when making facial masks to avoid damaging the skin. 2, black tea AGAR mask raw materials: 4 teaspoons brown sugar, 100 ml red tea, 1/4 teaspoon AGAR. Method: Boil the tea, add AGAR and brown sugar to dissolve and leave to cool. Apply the gel mask to the face after cooling for 10 minutes, and then wipe off with a cotton pad dipped in toner. Beauty effect: moisturize and moisturize the skin. 3, honey onion mask ingredients: white honey 30g, beeswax 30g, onion juice 30mg, lily juice 30mg. Method: Onion, lily juice, white honey, beeswax together into a ceramic jar, low heat until the beeswax dissolves, stir well with a stick, used to smear the face and skin, once a day, 30 minutes after washing off. Beauty effect: It has the effect of moisturizing and anti-wrinkle. This mask can not only eliminate the wrinkles that have been produced, but also prevent new wrinkles. 4, honey egg yolk milk mask raw materials: 1 egg, honey, milk, flour each amount. Method: Beat the egg liquid into a bowl, take the egg yolk, and then add honey, milk, flour, stir well, evenly apply to the face before going to bed, rest for about 20 minutes, and then wash with warm water. Beauty effect: Honey, egg yolk have the effect of moisturizing the skin, can supplement the skin of various nutrients, make the skin delicate. Tips: This mask is especially suitable for dry skin and for living in winter or particularly dry areas. 5, cucumber carrot egg green mask raw materials: cucumber, carrot each 50 grams, apple 1, egg 1. Method: Wash cucumber, carrot, apple into small pieces, juice; Put the egg into a bowl, remove the yolk, mix the puree with the egg blue well, apply to the face before going to bed, and wash off after 20 minutes. Beauty effect: carrots, apples, cucumbers are rich in vitamins, with the role of nourishing and whitening skin. 6, egg yolk milk cucumber mask raw materials: raw egg yolk 1, cucumber half about 50 grams, fresh milk 30 grams. Method: Juice the cucumber. Mix egg yolks with cucumber juice and fresh milk to make a paste. Apply to face and wash off with cold water after 20 minutes. Beauty effect: make the complexion rosy, soft, especially beneficial to the facial skin with a lot of oil. Oily skin MM can try oh! The effect is really good!