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Making money online: [2] Making money by coding

2018-01-05 17:36:00

Code making money may not be clear to everyone, but I think everyone has been exposed to code. The so-called code is to play the verification code, we all in the login account or register account when the verification code will appear. So, making money is to help people make money by making verification code!


A computer with Internet access


How do you get a coding assignment? Many websites offer this type of task, so "code for money" can be found. This kind is often divided into: change IP and do not change IP or day shift and night shift!


We choose whether to change IP and the task of 100 night shift according to their own situation. As for the price, the price of changing IP is much higher than that of not changing IP. 100 codes may have 1 yuan, but 1000 codes that do not change the IP may have 1 yuan. At the same time, the night shift price is a little lower than the day price!


Under normal circumstances, the correct rate is required, and it needs to reach 80% to be able to exchange. It doesn't matter if you're careful!


If you do not want to type, please be sure to remember to pause the code on the software, otherwise it will become a deliberate omission.

Matters needing attention

Code in moderation, pay attention to health!