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March self-help tour practical guide

2018-03-08 01:36:00

March self-help tour practical guide. Hope to help you all!


Food: Beiwei Road can not forget the pickled cabbage fish house. Small sauerkraut fish 20. 00 (a full basin), asparagus stir-fried stinky tofu 10. 00 (must try!) Crispy tofu 8. 00, that's enough for two. Typhoon shelter gear. There are recommended dishes, 2 people generally 30-50 yuan. 9 p.m. (or 12?) After 6. It's 20% off. Ha ha, don't be too cool! Fuzi Temple snacks. Small portions, and they don't cost much. For the sake of your figure, it is best to order only one of each, and try several samples. Great Bridge treasure Square, completely with the typhoon shelter pattern, there are snacks, but no discount. If you go to Confucius Temple, you may choose it.


Live: I live in Su Shang wine apartment, is a wine apartment, facilities are fully functional, make quiet, can be free Internet, ticket, day tour services, the whole building elegant, warm and clean, I booked the room online, the price is 168 yuan, the price is acceptable, the most important is to live comfortable ah, I am very satisfied. On a side note: listen to rock and drink at the popular Polar 77 bar (in the alley of the mall). (Nice keyboard, lead guitar... There are just too few seats. If it is full, you can explore the classroom of the medical school with her/him, and if you are lucky, you will see a basket of hands and feet on the dissecting table, like bacon, jujube red, huge terror! Take the opportunity to hold his or her hand, as good as a horror movie - if you can stand it yourself. Oh, and you can meet your climbing friends here. Or if you're interested in walls, Gate Civic Square is a good choice.


Ok: As a student, of course I highly recommend the bus. One dollar slot, regardless of distance. If you come, you can borrow your monthly pass, because I can't use it 120 times anyway. Or would you like to pay your own way? 20 bucks should be enough. Play: Case


2:00 to the central gate long-distance bus station, there is Xuanwu Lake Park nearby, you will not play? You can try the Confucius Temple - Qinhuai scenic belt. (Take Road 1, central gate to Confucius Temple, not special road 1, cut!) In the afternoon, I spent time in the Confucius Temple, shopping for trinkets. You can drink tea in Chu Liuxiang. Look at Wang Xie ancient house, recall the "old Wang Xie Tang Yan, flying into the homes of ordinary people." And have a snack. If you are interested in Qinhuai eight Yan, you may wish to go to the former residence of Li Xiangjun to cherish the memory of it, I have a classmate who is not there, take a nap on the wooden bed of Xiangjun, a dream Fang soul. In the evening there is a lamplight party in the Confucius Temple. You can enjoy "the Qinhuai River in the OARS sound and lamp-shadow". You can go to the Grand Bridge treasure Square for dinner. You can also cushion first, (basically, you will never get hungry in Confucius Temple). Go to the typhoon shelter at night, you might get a discount. Take No.47, Fuzimiao to Xinjiekou, business district! 5 routes 9 routes...... To the door or a stop before, you can also walk, quite strong. When I get to my place, I won't be there. For nightlife suggestions, see previous digressions.


The more tomorrow, it is best to get up early - 8:00, 9 road in the end, scenic spot. Ticket 25 big yuan a person, you can go to the Mausoleum to visit the father of the nation (the morning is the most quiet!) Hold hands with your partner as you come down and count the steps. Go up to Spirit Valley Park, you'll see a lawn, extreme sports practice area, free BMX show. The ticket is 15 yuan. If you go up the mountain by ropeway, it's 10 yuan per person. Can play Linggu Tower (bird 's-eye view of the city, at this time just good sunshine, high visibility, the mountain is very beautiful.) A hall without beams... Linggu Temple (Add 2 yuan, no religious belief, free.) There is a slide down the mountain, quite exciting, 15 yuan a person, no heart disease can try. Scenic area has tour bus (pretty oldtime) from the slide to the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum scenic area, I do not know the price. It's not far. 15 minutes, donkey, case. Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum ticket 15 yuan (Mei, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Zixia Lake - nothing to do with Stephen Chow, stone statue Road...) No money before, what international Plum Festival on the 24th, he started to collect, but this is the pass - the last money! You're on your own in there. Before the flowers, under the tree, leaving the Qiu branches, incense curling... As cozy as it gets. But please pay attention to public morality and civility. -- I love my city very much. Down the hill 20 road, turn 3 road 1 road...... To the way. Damiang dumplings have unique wild vegetables - Ma LAN, shepherd's purse... Dumplings (people love eating wild vegetables). Then on the road, there is a small Guanqian street - Lion Bridge, as well as the light night market. Elegant stone is good, might as well choose one for him/her.


With bathing suit trunks, Lu Yang can swim warm water swimming, sauna. It's $10/20 before and after 7 p.m., no extra charge for the night. The pool water is clean, the bath is not good. And... ? That's all. Go home. It's time to play.

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