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Materials and procedures for application of overseas returnee entrepreneurship subsidy

2018-03-19 17:36:52

Overseas students to deep entrepreneurship early cost subsidies


1. Funding targets and application conditions


(1) The main body of the application for entrepreneurship funding is the overseas students who come to Shenzhen to start a business. Obtain the Certificate of Qualification for Studying Abroad issued by the Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, and have the municipal household registration or the Residence Permit for Overseas Students or the Municipal Residence Permit;


(2) Acting as the legal representative of the enterprise, or the main manager (deputy general manager or above), or the technical person in charge (technical director or above);


(3) If the applicant is an individual, the investment of at least 300,000 yuan or the holding of shares (including technology investment, the same below) and the venture investment at home and abroad account for more than 30% of the registered capital of the enterprise; If the applicant is a team, the shares held by a team of 2 people account for more than 40% of the registered capital of the enterprise, and the shares held by a team of more than 3 people account for more than 50% of the registered capital of the enterprise; The amount of the applicant's contribution is not less than 2 times the amount of the subsidy;


(4) The enterprise belongs to the key industry supported and developed by our city;


(5) The enterprise where the overseas students work has the site, research and development equipment and personnel consistent with the declared project, and the operation is normal;


(6) As of February 28, 2013, the enterprise of the overseas student has been registered and established within 6 to 36 months.


2. Key industries to be funded


In 2013, the key projects to subsidize the early start-up costs of overseas students in Shenzhen are:


(1) Information technology, including communications, computer hardware and software, integrated circuits, microelectronics, etc.;


(2) New materials;


(3) new energy sources;


(4) biomedical technology;


(5) advanced manufacturing technology and equipment;


(6) Modern agricultural high technology;


(7) Environmental protection technology;


(8) Introducing foreign information and technology to fill gaps in intermediary services;


(9) Other key industries encouraged and prioritized by our city, including, finance, culture, etc.


3. Funding standards


The initial cost subsidy for overseas students to start a business in Shenzhen is divided into three levels: the first level subsidy is 500,000 yuan, the second level subsidy is 250,000 yuan, and the third level subsidy is 150,000 yuan.


(1) Applicants who have obtained a doctoral degree abroad or engaged in postdoctoral research work abroad for more than 1 year, or belong to the scope of overseas high-level overseas talents as stipulated in the Guiding Opinions on the Introduction of Overseas High-level Overseas Talents (Ministry of People's Republic of China (2005) 25), Have more than 5 years of study or work experience abroad, the registered capital of the enterprise is more than 1 million yuan, has core independent intellectual property rights, and the declared project has been assessed by experts as technologically advanced and feasible, with major breakthroughs;


(2) The second-class sponsor, who has obtained a master's degree or is a visiting scholar abroad, has more than 3 years of study or work experience abroad, the registered capital of the enterprise is more than 500,000 yuan, and the project declared by experts has advanced technology, feasible, and certain innovation;


(3) Applicants who have obtained a bachelor's degree or above in foreign countries or are visiting scholars, have more than 1 year of study or work experience in foreign countries, and have been assessed by experts that the technology of the declared project has certain advanced nature and feasibility;


(4) Overseas students with special expertise who hold important invention patents or proprietary technologies to start their own businesses or are in urgent need are not subject to qualifications such as education and experience.


Application materials


(1) Application Form for Subsidies for early Start-up Expenses of overseas students in Shenzhen (three copies and electronic documents);


(2) The copy of the Qualification Certificate of the City's overseas Students (can be queried through the sharing of the license information, the original and copy may not be provided);


(C) the city's household registration certificate or "City Overseas Talent Residence Permit" or "City Residence Permit" photocopy;


(4) A copy of the business license of the enterprise (can be queried through the sharing of the license information, the original and copy may not be provided);


(5) the registration information query form issued by the market supervision department in the month when the enterprise submits the application;


(6) Project feasibility study report or business plan;


(7) other relevant supporting materials of scientific research projects or achievements;


(8) Patent, copyright certificate or intellectual property commitment letter;


9. Resumes of overseas students.


All materials must be verified by the human resources department of each district and the overseas students Pioneer Park in the original and stamped on the photocopy.


(1) The applicant submits an application and submits the required materials. The overseas student enterprise shall apply to the overseas Student Enterprise Park in the entrusted area of the overseas student Enterprise Park in the city or district, and the enterprise outside the overseas student Enterprise Park shall directly apply to the human security department of the jurisdiction under which it belongs.


(2) Directly apply to the district human resources security department, the district human resources security department to conduct preliminary examination, issue audit opinions and report to the municipal Bureau of Foreign Affairs; If the application is submitted to the entrusted overseas Students Pioneer Park, the Overseas Students Pioneer Park will put forward recommendations for investigation and submit them to the Municipal Bureau of Foreign Affairs after being examined by the human resources security department of the district.


(3) The Municipal Administration of Foreign Affairs collects the application materials, holds the project review explanation meeting, organizes experts to review the declared projects, and issues the expert review conclusions.


(4) According to the expert review conclusions, the Municipal Bureau of Foreign Affairs shall organize field visits, draw up a list of entrepreneurial funding, report it to the municipal financial department for review and approval, and publicize it through the media for 5 working days. On the public reflection of the situation and problems, the municipal foreign affairs Bureau to investigate and verify, and issue the investigation conclusion, if there is no funding conditions, cancel the eligibility of the applicant to obtain subsidies.


(5) The municipal human resources and social security department and the municipal financial department jointly issue a notice of subsidy funds.


(6) The start-up funding shall be issued by the municipal financial department to the Municipal Human Security Bureau in a one-time manner in accordance with the expenditure plan approved by the Municipal Government, and the Municipal Human Security Bureau shall handle the fund allocation procedures in accordance with the centralized payment requirements of the Treasury.


(7) The Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and the funded overseas students signed the Contract for the Use of the Municipal Overseas Students' Early Start-up Cost Subsidy Funds, and allocated the funds to the applicant's enterprise twice within one year. Six months after the release of the first grant, the District human resources Department will organize a mid-term acceptance inspection and field inspection on the use of the grant funds, the development status of enterprises and projects of the funded units, and the acceptance results will be used as the basis for the release of the second grant.

Matters needing attention

Deadline for acceptance is February 26, 2016


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