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May fall into the third party of the constellation woman, is unintentional or indifferent

2018-03-23 06:24:49

Before the network exposed double fish female white hundred he derailed in marriage, was photographed with small fresh meat to travel Thailand, ambiguous behavior, and then steak out once she is also a small three on top, some years with a number of male stars have ambiguous, but no real hammer gossip also open again, next is the character question, some feminists said, usually men are derailed, women out of a track and how? Some people said that when Bai Baihe did the program, he said that no one gave her birthday... In fact, the good or bad of a relationship, only the parties in the heart is the most clear, if there is no problem with the feelings, the small three is difficult to insert, but even if it is a perfect marriage, there will be many times in life to consider the separation. And when the temptation appears, or when there is a chance to go out of the wall, what are the most easily derailed constellation women?


Romantic feelings happy to take advantage of the double fish female once Yao Di, suspected of small three upper Yang Ying, Yi Nengjing are double fish female. Plus now is hot white Baihe, there have been small three or derailment news, but in their story there are several points in common, before the gossip broke, are all people feel pure and romantic personality, looks are sweet jade type, personality is not publicity, lovely dream more, white Baihe even if has been a mother, also looks like a child. This is because the sun double fish female, wooden sea guardian, born with a lucky temperament, so that they are usually not too bad, life is not too much frustration, even if it is easy to get help, the audience is easy to them have a kind, understanding. However, if the parties play the negative wood sea, it is easy to fantasy expansion, real life such as a play, such as life is not clear.


If life is plain as water will make double fish women very lonely, they will always have a romantic dream of feelings, no conditions outside the world, nor whether they are single, but for the general double fish women, it is not lonely will be derailed, it is to have the external environment catalytic, in the star, if double fish women also have the color of the king, Or the characteristics of the water bottle are easy to ignore everyone's eyes. White Baihe's star moon, Venus is located in the water bottle, although Venus has a gram with Saturn, but can not stand the sun and the king of punishment. In general, Bai Baihe does not belong to the type of active derailment, but the six phases of the sea and the recent influence of Venus Pisces retrograde, the occurrence of this event, really belongs to the category of "derailment" accidentally. In the face of heavy feelings of the wind, it also means that the rationality of her feelings and the sensibility of her personality are often at war. When there is a more relaxed environment without much thought, but also in the moment can meet her romantic fantasy feelings, happy to go along with the trend, after the trouble again.


All rely on acting and too deep into the play of the lion woman love a person when they fall into the other side of the world of the lion woman, willing to pay and do not care about the eyes of the people, but the enthusiastic lion is too live in the moment, passion and face of the play after all, it is easier to consider not long-term and impulsive. Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang this pair, at the beginning of the power is a little unbalanced, derailment or other accidents is relatively easy, in the beginning, and did not consider so much Ma Rong, perhaps did not expect the outcome of the feelings, when the process of other can make up for the short board of marriage needs, difficult to defeat the temptation of the passion of the lion woman is very easy to go out of the wall.


No accident in Ma Rong's astrological chart, the day has phase, coupled with the powerful Jupiter in the middle of the day in the case of Pisces, and gold, rotten peach blossom more, the outside world temptation, the sea of fire in the seven palace at the same time arch the moon, itself is also easy to have inertia peach events, with the white Baihe disc contrast, her more obvious. In the likes of high-profile lion woman, infected by the king of heaven more emphasis on personality, so she chose a different marriage, and gold fire with sea wood crazy entanglement, let her have to perform this life perpetrator is also the victim of the role. Maybe experiencing something is not scary, but understanding why you do what you do is the way to survive.


Dare to love dare to hate passionate Aries woman first do not talk about Ma Yasu and Wu Qilong old gossip, we now see is a with two mixed-race children, from time to time show the love with the foreign husband, but still beautiful as old her. Compare her with Liu Shishi now? Of course, she is older than Liu Shishi, the original wedding is not as grand as Liu Shishi, and the current Wu Qilong couple must be richer than them, but she is also very successful. Imagine if there was no Ma Yashu cheating on foreigners, not to talk about her husband is also a divorced ex-wife, suspected that she is also a small three on the news. Feelings are not very sweet they drag, even if there is no break up, not necessarily after the happiness. In fact, the two of them cannot synchronize what they need from the beginning, which is not a problem of time. Her moon wood and Wu Qilong day water flushing phase of the values are different, can not be changed, only a temporary compromise may be possible, so she also had four years of precipitation, charging at home. But the dynamic Aries is still difficult to defy nature for long, until the comeback.


Of course, the derailment itself is not right, but, Ma Yashu Aries woman dare to love and dare to hate, not everyone can feel wrong and change decisively, so she also harvested the feelings she wanted. Venus is also in Aries Ma Yashu dare to do dare to admit, the moon of Jupiter she is also doomed to run counter to Wu Qilong in emotional needs, and Wu will give her more material. Martian Pisces and Moon she is still relatively passive, but Sunwater Aries is impacted by the power of Hades, which also makes her a stable and decisive person. From the chart, she is not an inertial derailer, but a bold, decisive personality, and the ability to practice her dream of the sea, and finally become a controlled life.


Just like Xue Zhiqian's new song "Ambiguous" sings the same, "Anyway, the current feelings are ambiguous, you don't have to find a match, it may be that the current feelings are expensive, so that the person who pays the heart is very embarrassed," the distance between people and people is more and more, maybe the distance of putting a cup of coffee, maybe you don't need to cheat or hurt who, the ambiguous temptation is safe. And once the injured heart, the most afraid of entanglement, wait until the decisive thinking, put everything down, you are persistent and have, is also such a front of their own, and in the eternal now, we can only step forward, gradually turn back, then step, then turn back, has not remembered the appearance of crazy entanglement at that time, but also understand the reasons behind those own choices. Those who have been cheated or out of the wall, is not so important, there is no meaning.