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Maybach S600, but it's all about his 240,000 keys

2018-04-06 17:36:42

Always known as the first big province of luxury cars, this is true, after all, the business atmosphere is rich in the local rich to catch a large, this 30-year-old guy has not mentioned a Maybach S600.


Since Mercedes absorbed Maybach, its S-Class Maybach model has been a notch higher than BMW Audi's equivalent 7 Series and A8L, which is why he did not hesitate to mention this Mercedes' top business seat.


The biggest difference between the Maybach S600 and other Maybach or S-class models is the big wheel, which all reveals a strong noble atmosphere.


The front row of the Maybach S600 is not the essence, but even so, its front row design is unparalleled, combining a sense of technology and luxurious high-grade materials, incomparably experiencing the highest automotive design technology that Mercedes leads the trend.


Extremely comfortable high-end back row, where the most can experience the essence of Maybach car building process, suddenly want to ask whether all successful people are probably this kind of respect. Looks like this tiger body has a chance.


However, Maybach S600 even if it is luxurious and noble or not as eye-catching as the owner of this car, than that the key is the old man's home, this key is definitely the fighter, it is said that the price of 240,000, you can buy its Audi A4.