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MCL Pass self-driving tour guide

2018-03-12 14:24:03

Yeili Pass, the channel of tea horse trading between Tibet and Gansu, the gateway into Tibetan areas in ancient times, is the main place for filming the location of Zhang Jizhong's 2009 version of "Journey to the West" and China's four A-level scenic spots, how to travel, Xiaobian guide is as follows.


From the departure, about 180 kilometers, the journey takes about 3 hours.


South, all the way to the exit.


Then through the county, county, and finally arrive at the destination.


Along the way, the road is relatively easy to go, last year, Lianlu Township to Yeoliguan town, a section of the road, now has been repaired.


There are two main scenic spots in Yeli Pass, one, Yeli Pass Forest Park, two, Yehai, and three, there are rafting you can play.


Scenic tickets total more than 100, I do not know whether the price this year, which forest park and farmhouse, provide overnight accommodation, a log cabin two beds, a log cabin 100 yuan (2012).


It is cold in the forest at night, it is recommended to take a thick coat, in the scenic area, there are locals selling codonopsis, mushrooms and other mountains, you can take home to taste.