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Mercedes launched a sedan, a monthly salary of five or six thousand can afford, diaosi Gospel

2018-03-28 08:00:49

Mercedes is the goal of many people, but the price has always been high, for ordinary diaosi, often can only pass the eye addiction, do not know when to afford. However, this situation may change, because Mercedes-Benz unveiled the cheapest three-compartment car at the auto show, probably at a price of less than 200,000 yuan, a monthly salary of five or six thousand yuan can afford, diaosi Gospel.


The car is Mercedes' all-new A-Class Concept A Sedan. It is reported that the launch of low-cost civilian cars by Mercedes-Benz is mainly to see the low-cost route of the new BMW 1 series and the new Audi A3, and it has to follow the trend and seize the Chinese market share. At this point, the three well-known luxury car brands of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have all put the price into the level of 200,000 yuan, which is quite attractive.


Although the price has been reduced compared to previous models, the overall design and temperament have not been reduced at all. The appearance style is still a strong taste of the Mercedes-Benz family, giving a feeling of nobility and luxury. However, it has also innovated in terms of details, saying that instead of the previous horizontal grille, the new car uses a vertical grille, which is more young and fashionable.


From the side, the vehicle line uses a curved sports style, and then matched with a sporty hub, giving people the feeling that this is not a car, but more like a sports car. If we hit the street, we're gonna get a lot of heads turned.


Came to the back of the car, found that the designer is spent some thought. Although there is a bit of Mercedes-Benz family style, but more added fashion elements and sports elements. This will form a perfect match with the front face and the body, and the taste of the sports car is stronger.


20 Universal Buy a Mercedes-Benz car, which is itself a very cost-effective thing. More importantly, this Mercedes Benz model also has a lot of sports car style and taste, which is more attractive. The car is expected to be produced in China next year, really looking forward to it.