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Mercedes-benz G550 4.0T brush ECU to boost power

2018-04-06 14:24:03

As a hard off-road vehicle evergreen Mercedes-Benz G series charm is undoubtedly, the square box shape is hard to turn the ancient retro style into a fashion trend, not only the appearance level, the improvement of power is also the goal that car friends have been pursuing.




ECU testing equipment


ECU upgrade tool


Mercedes G550 4.0T one


Step 1 Model analysis: (Query engine related parameter information) This Mercedes-Benz G550 is equipped with 4.0T twin-turbocharged engine, the maximum net power is 310KW, the maximum horsepower is 422Ps, the maximum torque is 610Nm, and the matching 7-speed manual transmission is integrated.


The second step is to develop a plan and understand the improvement space: (based on test data and actual car conditions) Original car performance parameters: 422HP 610NmECU first stage: 511HP 765Nm increased horsepower 89HP, torque increased 155Nm


The third step is to further check the vehicle information: Model: Mercedes-Benz G550 engine: 4.0T Date: August 2017 Hardware status: plain car upgrade requirements: adjusted to the best within the safety range


The fourth step construction practical operation process: 1. When the owner enters the relevant staff should talk with the owner to understand the upgrade needs. 2. Technicians should conduct fault detection on the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle complies with the ECU upgrade standard. 3. Then connect the device to read the original car data, and submit the original car program to foreign technology for customization. 4. Back up the original vehicle data to ensure data security. 5. Wait for an hour, the program is customized and returned, and the technician will implant it into the ECU computer. 6. Vehicle detection after the upgrade is completed 7. Qualified delivery, unqualified rescheduling and optimization to qualified delivery.


Finally, the owner upgraded the test drive interview: there is power again, the power is cool enough, and the return rate is higher.

Matters needing attention

Do not blindly pursue big data, the premise is to adjust within the safe range of the engine


Pay attention to driving safety