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Metal lighter pattern DIY (D machine) technical process detailed explanation

2018-01-09 20:48:00

With the improvement of people's consumption level, having a portable, high-grade lighter is no longer a luxury idea. The lighter is no longer just as a ignition tool and exists, but more is given cultural, taste and other connotations. There are many famous lighter brands in the world :Givenchy Givenchy, S.T.Upont, Zippo and so on. In today's society, it is the pursuit of individuality and unique expression, how to have a stronger personality or even a unique lighter is the pursuit of many young people, and a personalized lighter is mainly manifested in material, shape, pattern (including text) and so on. In order to create a lighter that is never the same in the world, it may involve a lot of processes: sheet metal, mold, polishing, electroplating, engraving, plate making, etching, electrolysis, coloring, and many other very professional technical knowledge, which is impossible for most of the lighter enthusiasts to master in a short time. Today I will focus on explaining the lighter case pattern DIY technology, zippoDIY, which is relatively less difficult and also the most in demand. In popular terms, it is how to make the words (names, names, aphorisms, poems, etc.) or patterns (heads, landscapes, figures, buildings, animals, cars, etc.) we want on the case after buying the bare machine. The production of characters and patterns, we usually call it engraved characters, engraved biting flowers, carved flowers and so on. The equipment or process used is as follows :1, CNC engraving machine (or metal engraving machine)2, laser engraving machine (or laser marking machine)3, chemical and electrochemical etching process (also known as corrosion process). The process can use very little equipment or even completely by hand to realize your DIY dream. The three processes described above are the most important processes of DIY shell pattern at present. Of course, it does not rule out that there are other production processes other than these three, stamping, pure hand-engraved and so on. Different processes are used, and the effect of production is completely different. For the metal carving and milling process, it is mainly suitable for the production of bold patterns, and the depth of engraving can be controlled, but the edge of the lines after engraving is poor, and the production efficiency is not high. The laser engraving process is suitable for the production of fine lines such as photos, and the production efficiency is also relatively high. However, the general engraving depth of laser engraving machine is limited, and the flatness of the bottom surface after rough engraving is not good. The third process, the etching process, is suitable for the production of more fine lines, the depth is controllable, the edge of the etched line is smooth and neat, and the bottom surface of the etched line is smooth and flat. It is the most widely used process in the current lighter DIY technology, and the etched words and patterns are also the most fulfilling and artistic. Every time you enjoy and play with your own DIY love machine, you must feel a great comfort and infinite artistic charm. Below I will give a more detailed explanation and explanation of the etching process. Production process: shell cleaning -- brush coating protective layer, the interior of the shell and hinge position must be protected with anti-etching substances, to prevent the etching fluid damage in the etching process -- the front and back of the shell and the side brush or spray photosensitive ink -- baking, baking purpose is to let the photosensitive ink dry, for the next step of the printing plate exposure ready, generally baking temperature The degree is 80-100 degrees Celsius, the time is about 20 minutes -- the printing plate exposure, the general use of ultraviolet lamp for printing, the time is determined according to the power of the lamp, if the use of 1000 watts lamp, the exposure time is about 60 seconds. When printing, we should use the film negative we have done in advance, similar to the bottom plate of the photo -- development, the use of a concentration of about 3% sodium carbonate solution for development, after development, the text pattern will be presented, this link is very important, if there is a bad place we have to repair or patch, to ensure the integrity and accuracy of the pattern -- check the housing to ensure The place that does not need to be etched must not be corroded by etching liquid - etching, etching solution generally uses a ferric chloride solution of Boehme degree 38-40, soaking or splashing can be used, stop etching after the etching depth reaches the expected, and then clean - remove all the protective layer on the casing, paint the etched line part or do old treatment - play Grinding the entire shell to reveal the original brass face of the shell, grinding in accordance with a certain direction, so that the shell presents regular grinding marks, so that it will look beautiful - oil to protect the entire shell, generally using varnish for protection, to prevent the shell from being scratched and oxidized by sweat and lose the metal. If you like the natural coating layer generated on the shell surface, you can not carry out varnish treatment, according to your personal preferences to choose the appropriate treatment method.