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Method of reducing transformer interference to amplifier

2018-04-25 00:00:17

The transformer core is made of high quality and low loss cold rolled silicon steel sheet, which is cut by high-speed punching machine, with small burrs, uniform rules, neat stacking and beautiful, small loss, coil using high quality insulated wire, wound by special machine into round, rectangular and other shapes, with winding compacting, neatly arranged, good flatness, beautiful appearance.


In addition to supplying power to the amplifier, the power transformer can also combine the amplifier with the power supply, so that the interference source in the power grid enters the amplifier, and also reflects the voltage and current changes generated by the amplifier into the power grid.


The magnetic field interference generated by the power transformer has always been a problem that troubles the quality improvement of the amplifier, even if there is a pure power supply, the magnetic field induction from it can cause the quality of the amplifier to be seriously reduced.


When the transformer primary impedance is equal to the parallel value of the source resistance and the load's reflection resistance, there will be a low-frequency cutoff, increasing the noise from the transformer, so the power transformer must also have sufficient inductance.


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