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Mi 5 and Lenovo zuk z2

2018-03-22 19:12:46

Mi 5 and zuk z2 two popular small-screen flagship comparison.


Millet 5


Lenovo zuk z2


Xiaomi Five is a smart zuk z2 released by Xiaomi on February 14, 2016. It is a smart ZUK Z2 released by Lenovo on May 31, 2016. Because both have the characteristics of high performance and high cost performance, then we may wish to compare the comprehensiveness of the two models.


The Mi 5 measures 5.15 inches with a narrow bezel of 2.54mm and a thickness of 7.25mm, with a screen ratio of 73.09%. The glass body zuk z2 measures 5 inches with a narrow bezel of 3.31mm and a thickness of 8.45mm. The screen accounts for 70.63% glass body Both of them belong to the glass body small screen in appearance (left for Mi 5 and right for zuk z2)


Configure the Mi 5 equipped with Qualcomm's latest flagship cpu Snapdragon 820 in 2016 with 3G running memory 64 storage 1920x1080 pixels screen pixel density of 428ppi 4 million front 16 million pixels support 4k shooting battery capacity 3000 mah support fast charging 3.0 technology The system is equipped with its own miui7 series Lenovo zuk z2 also equipped with Qualcomm flagship cpu 820 and 4G storage 64G storage 1920x1080 pixels screen pixel ratio of 441ppi 8 million pixels in the front and 13 million pixels in the back to support 4k shooting battery capacity of 3500 MA Dual-chip parallel fast charging technology system with ZUI 2.0 (based on Android OS 6.0)


Features The size of Millet 5.15 is just right in the hand, millet camera comes with beauty function, the latest system miui8 supports the function of "bus card", MIUI8 built-in body, miSIM card, Free and other features zuk z2 supports wet fingerprint unlock six health sensors OTG reverse charge Preheating prophet never stuck Above are the selling points of the two models (left is the preheating prophet function)


The Mi 5 is priced at 1,999 yuan and the zuk z2 is priced at 1,799 yuan


Summary of the above is the two aspects of the data, then we will compare one by one, the appearance of the above is not much to say, the two are small screen is the same glass body can be said to be equal cpu, Although both models are equipped with Qualcomm 820, the 820 of the Mi 5 is actually a castrated version 820 with reduced frequency, and the zuk z2 is not only a normal 820 but also a one-click overclocked, which is very suitable for game enthusiasts. The operating memory of the Mi 5 is 3g with 820 such a cpu is slightly crappy, and the zuk z2 is 4g. In terms of pixels, Xiaomi is indeed a little stronger than zuk. The battery capacity of the Mi machine 5 is 3000 mah, the zuk z2 is 3500 mah, and the battery life is better than that of the Mi 5. In terms of system, Xiaomi has always done a better ZUI2.0 of zuk z2 Compared with the miui8 gap of Mi 5, there is still a distance from the price of millet, although it is the highest cost-effective 1999, but it is still the zuk z2 of 1799 yuan to obtain the title of king of cost-effective configuration and other aspects of the data is so much to the actual experience based configuration is not necessarily fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages.