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Moistening bowel laxative tea complete here

2018-04-11 04:48:49

The problem of bowel laxation can not be ignored, we must pay attention to it, otherwise it is not easy to solve when constipation, we must prevent it before it happens!


Orange peel tea and lemon tea have the same effect, promote the secretion of digestive fluid, strengthen the absorption of the gastrointestinal tract, absorption will naturally not produce constipation, fundamentally prevent constipation.


Century-long green tea has the effect of relaxing and moistening the intestine, saving time and effort is not expensive, you can buy a little for emergencies, especially for old constipation effect is much higher than other teas.


Winter melon skin soaking water cure all diseases, from the nature of food, winter melon properties slightly cold, with the effect of hydration and dampness. According to ancient Chinese herbal records, it can cure swelling, eliminate heat and poison, and relieve urine.