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Mountain hiking guide

2018-04-07 01:36:27

The mountain is named after its five main peaks, whose peaks are flat like earth platforms. On the top of these five platforms, the five Dharma bodies of Manjusri, also known as the five square Manjusri, are worshipped respectively. East Tai Wang Hai peak, 2795 meters above sea level, there is a temple named Wang Hai, the Lord for smart Manjusri, worship can make people smart. North Tai Ye Dou peak, 3058 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in North China, known as the roof of North China, there is a temple named Ling should, the Lord for unsullied Manjusri, worship can be pure, spotless. Zhongtai Cuiyan peak, 2894 meters above sea level, the top of the table is all over the dragon stone, there is a temple named Yanjiao, the main Confucian boy Manjusri, he is a typical product of Western religion in China's localization. West Tai hanging moon peak, 2773 meters above sea level, there is a temple named Falei, the Lord for the lion Manjusri, worship can make people brave. Nantai Jinxiu Peak, 2485 meters above sea level, there is a temple named Puji, the Lord for wisdom Manjusri, worship can make people get infinite wisdom. In addition, in Taihuai Town in the Buddhist kingdom, there is a Dai Luoding, which collects the five Dharma bodies of Manjusri Bodhisattva for a temple.


Backpacks, sleeping bags, moisture-proof MATS, headlamps, north pins, sun hats, compressed biscuits, pickled mustard, other dry food, drinking water, etc


Hiking route: Hongmen Rock → Dongtai → Hongmen Rock → Beitai → Bath pool → Zhongtai → Xitai → Kichiji Temple → Lion's Nest → Jinge Temple → Mountain Gate → Weather station → Nantai → Fo Mu Cave → Fo Mu Cave parking lot;


Climate: The latitude of the mountain is similar, but the climate is similar, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the minimum temperature of the winter platform is about minus 30 degrees, regardless of any season should pay attention to keep out the cold, every time the outdoor sports club of Reni I Taichung, there are members of the team complain that the clothes are not enough, in January 2005 Dachao Taichung, many members of the facial skin was frostbite. Mountain low cloud cover, high humidity, often rain, climate change, should be prepared for rain, Ren I outdoor sports club in July 2004 walking toward Taichung, on the encounter of years of rare heavy rain, more than 20 people in the rain hard forward, some members on the edge of collapse, and finally in the completion of the east, north, middle down to Taihuai town.


Best time to hike: Spring and autumn, especially June and September, is the best, so you can avoid the bitter winter, summer exposure, but so, the mountain is still difficult to ensure that there is suitable for hiking weather, Ren I outdoor sports club in June 2005 hiking Dachao-tai, the wind and sun, and there are clouds shading, but most of the players are still sunburn, a large area of skin.


Walking time: The walking length is about 60 km, 2 days. The hiking time varies according to people and schedule. In the hiking from Dongtai to Beitai, the fastest and slowest members of the outdoor sports club can have a difference of up to three hours, while those with good physical strength and fast speed can complete the walking Dachaotai within a day.


Best trip: Around Kichikji Temple. Starting from the west terrace, all the way down the slope, relatively easy, walking in the pine forest around the Kichiji Temple, a cool mountain stream through the road, in this rest and play can be said to be pleasant.


Round trip: From: N202, station → Mountain Station (County Shahe Town), 21:30 → 01:30, 38 yuan. Shahe Town → Hongmen Rock, passenger bus, 1 hour, 12-20 yuan. Return: Iveco, Taihuai Town →, 4 hours, 35 yuan; Chartered bus, 11 gold cups, 500 yuan. From: N201, station → Mountain Station, 21:13 → 03:40, 51 yuan. Return: N202, Hill Station → Station, 0:05 → 7:00, 51 yuan.