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Mountain pilgrimage Guide

2018-04-07 00:00:18

Super Mountain Guide, don't miss!


Sneakers, travel bag


Bring a thick coat


The best time to travel the mountain is summer, July, August is the best, the whole mountain vegetation coverage rate of 90%, can be described as the mountain green water show, trees, the air quality is also the best, in the summer season, in addition to a little sun at noon (the altitude is relatively high, it is recommended to bring umbrellas and sunscreen), the morning and evening temperature are low, feel very comfortable very, very comfortable. So the mountain also has the reputation of summer resort.


There are more than 400 temples outside the mountain, and on the basis of the original temple site is still under continuous construction, there are more than 300 distributed outside the Taiwan, relatively dispersed, there are more than 50 distributed inside the Taiwan, relatively concentrated, so we travel is to choose to go to the temple distribution dense Taihuai town, and the most distinctive, the most famous temples are also here.


Wuye Temple Wuye Temple is the most effective temple on the mountain, the local people are generally empty in the morning to Wuye Temple to make a wish, the first day of the lunar month or the fifteenth can burn the head incense at zero, up to three wishes, as for whether it is effective, you can personally go to see the Wuye Temple hanging on the plaque and an endless stream of people.


Bodhisattva top Bodhisattva top is a famous yellow temple in the mountain, the whole building is brilliant, the Qing Dynasty Kangxi, Qianlong two emperors have several times to worship the mountain, stay in the Bodhisattva top, so it is also called the royal temple, the royal palace, which has a number of handwritten inscriptions of the two emperors Kangxi Qianlong, it is very precious.


According to the legend, after the death of Buddha Shakyamuni, the bones were refined into 84,000 Buddhist relics and cast into 84,000 Buddhist stupas, which are distributed in the world. There are 19 in China, and the mountain has one, which is the mountain sign "big" you see now. After coming here, you can feel the famous sentence handed down by Cangyang Gyatso: In that lifetime, I turned mountains and rivers and pagodas, not to repair the afterlife, but only to meet you on the way; In that January, I turned all the canisters gently, not to cross over, just to touch your fingerprints;


Xiantong Temple Xiantong Temple was built in the Han Ming Emperor years, the area is large, early, and the white Horse Temple, known as "China's second ancient temple", which has a copper hall began to cast in the Ming Wanli thirty-eight years (AD 1610), sharing 100,000 kilograms of copper, the outer plated, there are many key cultural relics in the temple, 1982, was listed as key cultural relics protection units.


There are two forms of Dai Luo top mountain platform: the top five platforms are called Da dynasty platform; On the top of the Luodai called the small court, the small court is also the emperor Qianlong chose the way of the court, there are the emperor Qianlong personally planted pine and cypress and inscriptions.


Rahula Temple Mountain ten wonders "flower offering Buddha" site


Special image Temple Special Image Temple enshrines the largest Manjusri Bodhisattva in the mountain, which is the place where many students seek wisdom.

Matters needing attention

Mountain dressing guide 1 mountain winter and early spring, it is recommended to wear as thick as the clothes can be worn, and wear a thick hat, the weather is relatively cold; 2. In the early spring and late autumn of the mountain, down jackets need to be brought, it may snow at any time, even if it does not snow, it is still very cold, so wear more clothes, the first snow on the mountain in September 7, 2018, the mountain snow in May and October is also a common thing. 3. In the summer of the mountain, it is very hot at noon, and short-sleeved shorts are no problem, but it will be cool sooner or later, and long clothes and pants still need to be prepared. 4. In the early autumn of the mountain, when the weather is good, it is still very hot at noon, but the temperature difference is very big in the morning and evening. It is recommended to wear a thin T-shirt inside and wear a slightly thick clothes outside, take off the hot and put on the cold to prevent a cold; In general, the mountain altitude is higher, the weather changes relatively fast, the weather forecast sometimes can not keep up with the pace of its changes, foreign guests suggest consulting customer service staff in advance and always prepare rain gear and so on.