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Mourning hall cry daddy December lyrics

2018-03-13 20:48:02

Song: "Crying in December" Composer: Zhang Yao Lyrics: Zhang Yao/Ding Ke Singer: Zhang Yao Album: "We don't know" The winter in the south is too cold I lost the only smoke in the dream you said dear goodbye in the white night of December fog can not see your face clearly we lie and start a true story thinking that you are still alive in the city that does not sleep how many places have gone through several cities without you are snowy please tell me how to do tomorrow How many places have passed, how many cities have snowed without you? Please tell me how to stumble stumble Stumble Stumble Please tell me how to stumble stumble stumble Expansion data: "December" expresses a kind of mourning for parents, prequel after teaching, respect for the old and love for the young, national virtue, was included in the album We Don't Know, and released in 2012, the album contains a total of eight songs. Participated in 2011 "Star Avenue" and Benshan Media actress Jiao Jiao formed a nameless group to win the champion of the month contest, and then won the second place in the annual finals, because of the song "I am a little bird" on the Avenue of Stars, and was named "Legend group" by teacher Liang Hongda.