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Music How to buy an album?

2018-03-21 06:24:21

Music should be the "exclusive tool" that we often use to listen to songs, then, some songs are charged, like some singers out of the album, you need to buy after you can listen, and we can help our own "love beans" hit the charts, then, how to buy songs in the music album? The following Xiaobian will tell you.

Turn on the music

First of all, we have to open the music, so we come to the desktop, find the music, and then click on the music to open, and then we came to the music home page.

Select an album

After opening the music, come to the music home page, we can search for the music album you want to buy, if you do not know the name of the album, you can also directly search the singer, and then, view his album, click on the album to buy.

Buy an album

After we open the album we want to buy, obviously, there is a small icon "shopping cart" on the right, and the "buy" symbol, click to buy, and then enter the number of albums you want to buy, of course, the album can be given to others, click to buy now.

View exclusive packages

Generally, the purchase of albums has exclusive packages, such as exclusive photos of the singer's private room, as well as exclusive messages, and you can also enjoy high-quality songs. Below, we will click on the album to find the "View digital album exclusive package", and then we can enjoy our exclusive package.

View album

After seeing the exclusive package, let's take a look at the album we bought, then, we go back to the music, find the "purchased album", we can see the album we have just bought, so, just go to the loop.