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"My eyes are good" perfume guide

2018-02-18 20:48:00

"My eyes are good" is a leisure puzzle game with rich imagination, story mode, finding fault mode, puzzle mode, novel and fashionable gameplay, beautiful illustration, not only exercise brain power, focus, but also kill time, decompress and relax; This experience gives you the plot mode "Cat and mouse lovers" fifth level "perfume" guide.


Apple iphone7




I have good Eyes! 2.0.4


Find the butterfly on the mural, there is a bottle of perfume under the butterfly; Click the big red flower on the flower pot to the left of the girl to attract the butterfly, the butterfly flies to the big red flower, and click the perfume on the mural after the butterfly flies away.


Pulling out the hammer from the girl's backpack and smashing the bottom half of the broken glass window, the sun shines in and reveals the perfume hidden in the flowers beneath the bells on the mural.


Drag the white flower petals and leaves from the pot on the girl's left to the white flower on the mural.


Drag out the hammer in the girl's backpack, smash the upper part of the broken glass window, the sun shines in, the flower on the angel's left hand is in full bloom, and then drag the water drop to the flower, the flower is in full bloom, and find the perfume.


Drag the bell on the hand of the angel on the mural to the cat, and then drag the ball of yarn to the robot crow to find the crow tied by the rope.


Click on the flower in the lower left corner of the mural and enter the code on the mirror: 136 to find the perfume.

Matters needing attention

If the click does not trigger the effect, please try several times


Look carefully at rational thinking