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My reading experience: [12] The flow of love

2018-04-08 20:48:53

In the eighties of the last century, it was the fastest growing era of fiction. The Jianghu dream of boys and the princess dream of girls have derived a large number of excellent works, and the rise of video at that time has greatly developed such books. The princess dream of girls, then there must be a prince who needs it, and in the Chinese Dynasty at that time was already a democratic society, so the prince has become today's rich handsome. First of all, the man must be tall and powerful, which is the ideal body for men and women; Next is the rich second generation of so-and-so; The most important thing is to fall in love with her. The necessary drama is that the male master has a childhood sweetheart, but can not get the male master's love, so the female master's sad world is coming, so that you can earn a lot of tears. All kinds of venality, all kinds of lies. After feeling that the stage is not enough, then pull out the previous generation of resentment, the original female mother is the first love of the male father, and later for some reasons and failed to be together. So, the man's father has two situations, one is the wife over, in order to their second spring to match the son; The other is to make up for their mistakes, but also to match the son. Later, people became more interested, and the woman may be the exiled daughter or granddaughter of the man's important business partner. Or the heroine is a princess but loves the poor man... The plot generally takes place in the campus to the workplace in these two environments, mainly emotional drama, that is, the generation and expansion of misunderstandings, and do not explain, and finally through friends slowly embark on a happy ending.