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N4A's user-friendly software experience

2018-03-23 11:12:26

The main difference between Android and Apple is that there are more apps that can be played and more download channels. For N4A, a lot of software that comes with the system is relatively playable, which brings easy opportunities for mild enthusiasts to try out, and can also effectively refrigerate some apps that are not commonly used.


After the boot will find a lot of fun, eye-catching climate reminders, you can also flip to replace, while boring time, camera, photos and Settings, it is recommended that black technology, the first experience or feel very fun. Below are and SMS and browser, up to 5 can be placed.


The cold room function, the first time to see, because the N4A pre-installed software is a little more, it is estimated that this is used to make up for, the infrequently used or after a period of time, the identification of the infrequently used app can be put inside, it is said that it can save electricity and effectively improve the efficiency of the system, anyway 360's own pre-installed software can not be put forward, self-protection is more in place.


The cleaning function is also good, in today's chat trend, and the space occupied is infinite huge, it is easy to cause congestion, so you need to have a convenient cleaning tool to release the excess storage space, which is also conducive to the speed of qq.


The symmetrical left button function can conveniently close the running app software completely, release the memory and prompt the speed, and combine with "one-key acceleration" to better speed up


Some of the software in black technology is still very useful, split, you can use multiple in one, etc., it is also a test of performance, easy to use, you can also use multiple.


This record is a little detailed, the use of all kinds of records, I personally think it is not very good, privacy is a little worrying.


Battery life and power consumption can be very straightforward to see, this is still quite like, when you can know who the power consumption is.


Super power saving, this is very cool, directly into black and white, as far as possible to save electricity in urgent need of time available, convenient, before the use of this function has not seen, I personally feel very like.

Matters needing attention

There are more functions, you can play slowly according to the time, fast charging and temperature control are good


The interface is very good-looking boys and girls, are more suitable, the big screen is also durable, save electricity