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Naruto hand tour Dirty soil three generations of Naruto how to get?

2018-04-06 00:00:17

In terms of the current fighting environment, the playability is quite high, with a total of 12 skills, and with sharks, sealing, the opening can end each other as long as the person is caught for up to 6 seconds, and can not be replaced; So how do you recruit this ninja?


Premium recruitment rolls, gold coins, premium rebates,


The best way to get the best ninja is to get the best rebate - commonly known as the "down payment"; During the seven days of the activity, as long as the recruitment is 100 times, you will receive 23 to 38 pieces of the third generation fragments according to your V level;


First prepare at least 100 or 16800 gold coins; Then correct the extraction option - every 10 draw the minimum one; Draw the bottom of the general recruitment roll before drawing;


Draw card skills as shown in the figure: first single draw → draw a group after ten companies → if ten companies are not drawn except the guarantee bottom, continue to single draw → single draw a group and then ten companies, if ten companies out of a group, then continue ten companies;


Ninjutsu teaches that during this activity, through four levels, you can receive a piece of dirt from the third generation. Note: The third level clearance skill must first consume time remotely after the invincible boss is lifted in 3A company;


Three generations of Zhango Field - Debris This activity can receive 3 cards per day, collect a complete set of cards and participate in the interaction can receive a piece of dirt three generations of debris


The third generation of Jango Field - The team can receive a piece of the third generation of dirt when it teams up with 5 teammates or 5 trumpets of its own (at least one of the same day's trumpets) during 6-12 days


Free single draw as long as the above steps are done basically can get about 60-80 pieces; The rest if you are not in a hurry, with a single draw every two days basically about 2 months can be drawn out, if their own gold coins are enough, you can also directly exchange for high-stroke extraction can be!

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