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National Day Holiday Guide (Taiwan)

2018-06-12 08:00:00

National Day holiday, since the system reform, the National Day is the only holiday we have a seven-day holiday in a year, at this time, people rarely from the busy work of leisure down, can have a good rest, and the best way to rest is to go out to travel, this is the way we all like, This time, Xiaobian is to introduce some worthwhile attractions in Taiwan for friends who want to or will go to Taiwan.


Taiwan is located in the south-central coast of mainland China, is an indispensable part of mainland China, Taiwan culture with Chinese culture as the main body, is an important part of Chinese culture, I believe that many people also want to go to Taiwan to see, enjoy the culture and differences of Taiwan, next Xiaobian will introduce some of the more famous tourist attractions worth going to Taiwan, I hope you will like.


Sun Moon Lake is the only natural lake in Taiwan and one of the most beautiful lakes in China. There is a small island in the pool like a bead floating on the water, named Lalu Island (old name bead Island, Guanghua Island), this island as the boundary, the northern half of the lake shape like a round sun, the southern half of the lake shape like a crescent moon, Sun Moon Lake hence the name. Sun Moon Lake picturesque scenery, spring, summer, autumn and winter, morning and evening sunny rain, the scenery changes endlessly. Especially in autumn night, the lake is lightly covered with mist, the moon reflects the lake, and the scenery is more beautiful. Every year, when the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival is in the sky, young men and women of the Gaoshan nationality, carrying long thick bamboo poles and colorful balls, come to the edge of the pool and dance the ancient folk dance. They repeat the folk story of conquering the dragon, and lift the sun and moon to the sky, so that the sun and moon will always enjoy the glory of the sun and moon. The water she mountain in Tan Dong is more than two thousand meters high, the morning and evening clouds, the reflection of the mountain, the beautiful scenery; There is a Wenwu temple on the mountainside of the north of the lake. From the front of the temple, you can have a panoramic view of the scenery in the lake. South green, steep terrain, there are several temples in the foothills, including Xuanzang Temple dedicated to the Tang Dynasty monk Tang Xuanzang spirit bones; There is a peacock garden in the west, with dozens of pairs of peacocks, which can perform and dance, making people more fun; In the Shao settlements in the southeast, there are ethnic song and dance performances for tourists. Boating on the lake, floating around in the gauze like mist, elegant and quiet, do not have some fun.


The mountain is located to the east of Chiayi City, Taiwan, and consists of 18 high mountains, which belong to the branch of the mountain range. The sunrise, the sea of clouds, the sunset, the forest and the high mountains are collectively called "the five wonders of the mountains". The location and time of mountain sunrise are different in four seasons. The sea of mountains and clouds usually appears at sunrise or dusk when the weather is clear and cloudy. The clouds and waves rise and fall, covering the nearby mountains like an island emerging from the vast sea. It is one of the "Eight Sights of Taiwan". Because of the high altitude and thin air, the mountain sunset glow is gorgeous; The mountain has a very rich forest, the distribution of plants in tropical, warm, temperate and cold zones. Among them, the primary cypress forest is the most precious. Mountain forest is one of the world's famous mountaineering, the train through the heat, sub-heat, warm, cold four different forest areas, is a very suitable tourist attraction.


Recommended three, North Taiwan triangle rich horn, nose horn and three sable horn and called "North Taiwan triangle". Guiguogu, also known as "Dapin" or "little chicken cage", is a gorge corner in the westernmost part of the north coast of Taiwan Province. Its wind edge stone is the most striking coastal landform, formed by wind and fire mountain gravel. It is a masterpiece of nature. Fugui Kok Lighthouse is one of the two major lighthouses in the north and south of Taiwan, near the famous Bay Beach. Nose head point west from Taipei County Ruifang town more than 10 kilometers, due to the northeast monsoon blow and erosion of the waves, the coast more strange rocks, natural. Nose Point Lighthouse stands tall, proud of the sea, lighting escort, Xiong legend spectacular scenery to attract visitors. The nearby Longdong Bay and Longtong Promontory are also pleasant. Nose Point is also a good place for people to camp, fishing, splashing, listening to the waves. SAN Sable Point is in the south of the nose horn, hanging over the ocean, its tip of the headland protruding two small horns, the north is "Yang Liao nose", the south is "Lai Lai nose", the small village between the two corners is the early Spanish invaders landed, because of its order of "Santiago", so the local transliteration of "SAN Sable", this name is still used today. The waterfront near SAN Sable Point has extensive sea erosion platforms, and Lele has boulder beaches under its nose; From here to the south is a uniform nature of hard shale, so the coast is flat, less eroded, is a good place to visit.


Pinglin Pinglin here has a very good landscape of gardens and villages, but also rich in very good tea. Pinglin Township to the northeast of Shuangxi Township, southwest of Shiding Township, Wulai Township, southeast and Yilan County head city, Jiaoxi Township adjacent. Pinglin is a relay station of Beiyi Highway, 38 km from Taipei City in the west and 42 km from Yilan City in the east. The whole township is mostly mountainous, the north is Wushi Mountain, the south is a district, there is a north potential stream meandering the whole territory, the west flow to Guishan and South potential stream to meet the new stream, North potential stream flows through Pinglin village, the valley distribution on both sides of the stream, about 200 meters above sea level, Pinglin Township is the main settlement, and for the water conservation area and sightseeing resort. The valley is distributed on both sides of the stream, about 200 meters above sea level, and is the main settlement of Pinglin Township, and is a water conservation area and sightseeing resort. The main economic crop is Bao planted tea.


Fulong Fulong area is located in Gongliao District of New Taipei City, which is a scenic spot on the northeast coast of Taiwan. Recreational attractions in the area include Phuron Beach, dedicated bike paths and camping areas. As soon as you enter the area, the road is lined with undulating terraces and river steps, and the Shuangxi River flows murmuring between the valleys. The interaction between the river and the sea creates a unique sandy topography, which distinguishes the inner river of Shuangxi River with low waves and the outer sea of Fulong with turbulent waves, and also creates a variety of interesting scenery of Fulong. The northeast corner and Yilan Department are also located here. In summer and autumn, tourists from all over the world gather here, camping between heaven and earth, splashing on the golden beach, riding on the bike path, what a joy! Out of Furlong railway station, cross the road, pass the Furlong Bridge and follow the footpath on the left, which is the Old Street of Furlong. Folong bento is the most representative of the local famous products. The new and old buildings in the street stand side by side, and the grand palace beside the square is the belief of the residents. It is dedicated to the King of Sanfu and the Mother of Heaven. The annual Sanfu King's birth on June 18 of the lunar calendar and the Mazu birth on March 23 are all local events. Fulong ancient called Digiao, also known as New Aodi, because in the Japanese occupation period in order to open up the traffic between Keelung and Yilan built through it, but because it could not pass through the Aodi and then through Fulong, called "Aodi Yi", so named New Aodi.


Jiale water Jiale water used to be called "Jialuo water", which is the translation of the Gaoshan language "waterfall". The original refers to the mountain sea waterfall on the east coast of the Hengchun Peninsula, located in the northeast corner of the Hengchun Peninsula, Hengchun about 18 kilometers away, famous for the strange rock landscape. Today, it refers to a stretch of coast about 2.5 kilometers south of Shanhai Waterfall. In addition to Shanhai waterfall is a rare large waterfall in the sea, due to changes in the crust and wave erosion and appear such as potholes, sea erosion platform, square stone, honeycomb stone, pearl stone and other forms of strange stones, there are some like turtles, Yuanyang, carp, sea frog, stone bird rock standing beside the water, let the waves impact. Standing on the rock, listening to the tide and the sound of the waves, as if you were in the "Poseidon paradise". Gradually formed a variety of shapes, uncanny workmanship, has long been the "sea God paradise" reputation.


Jiamin Lake, located in Haiduan Township, Taitung County, Taiwan Province, is located on the side of the three forks, 3310 meters above sea level, is the second highest mountain lake in Taiwan. The lake is oval, the water is blue, the lake is about 120 meters long, 80 meters wide, the area of about 1.9 hectares, the depth of the lake is 6 meters, there is no mountain stream or stream into it, the lake is always dry all year round. Because of the deep blue color of its lake, it is also known as "angel tears", and some people describe it as shaped like an egg, called "egg pool", which is a famous Taiwan mountain scenic spot in recent years. The most attractive feature of Jiaming Lake is that it is the only mountain lake in Taiwan that has been identified as meteorite impact by the Central survey of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The shore of Jiaming Lake is covered with rock debris and some glass materials, black, brown and white, and some debris surface has traces of high-temperature melting, and the quartz particles in the stone have extreme fragmentation phenomenon. These glass materials have been investigated by geologists and found that there is extreme fragmentation inside, and there is no volcano nearby, and there is no trace of glacier/snow and ice movement erosion, so it is speculated that the formation of Jiaming Lake is the most likely to be hit by stone damage.


The Shenshan National Scenic Area is planned by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications and Communications of the Taiwan Executive Yuan. It was established on March 16, 2001, and covers five counties and cities, including Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua and Nantou. It is a combination of Shitou Mountain Scenic Area, Pear Mountain Scenic Area and Eight Eight Mountain Scenic Area. Shenshan National Scenic Area has magnificent mountains, lakes and other high-value sightseeing and recreation, but also has a wealth of animals and plants, hydrology, topography, geology and other ecological. In terms of humanities, there are different local cultural assets such as the history and culture, living relics, monuments, buildings of different ethnic groups such as Hakka, indigenous people, and southern Fujian, and there are also natural industry attractions such as tea, sightseeing orchards, temperate fruits, and high cooling vegetables nearby.


Seven United States Island Seven United States Island, located in the southernmost Penghu Islands, the county's fifth largest island. It is about 29 nautical miles from Magong and takes 3 hours by sea. The island covers an area of about 7 square kilometers and is triangular in shape, with the terrain descending from east to west. Steep cliffs on the east coast, 60 meters above sea level, majestic; There is a stream in the middle, through which the scenery is unique.


Taiwan snack Taiwan snack is still very famous, we can go to some of the famous snack blocks in Taiwan, every food is everything, I believe everyone will like it.

Matters needing attention

1. Xiaobian reminds you to pay attention to your safety when you go out


2. Taiwan is a great place to visit as a family


3, before going to Taiwan, remember to help with various visas and procedures


4, Finally wish you have a good holiday