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Natural green plant air purification - beauty

2018-03-21 01:36:18

Pure natural green plants can not only purify the air, but also play a role in beautiful space. It can also help people gradually relax their nervous emotions and slowly feel a little relaxed and comfortable without pressure. Can too many green plants which kinds of suitable for their own or office placement? Here are some green plants that play a big role.


A pot of aloe vera acts as a biological air cleaner. Potted aloe vera has a reputation as an air purifier. A pot of reed aloe vera is equal to the biological air cleaner, can absorb formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, sulfur monoxide and other harmful substances. Especially strong absorption of formaldehyde. Under 4 hours of light conditions, a pot of aloe can eliminate 90% of formaldehyde in 100 million square meters of air, can also kill harmful microorganisms in the air, and can adsorb dust, which has a great effect on purifying the living room environment. When the harmful air in the room is too high, the leaves of aloe vera will appear spots. This is a signal for help, as long as a few POTS of aloe vera are added indoors, indoor air quality will become normal again.


Milan Milan is a favorite flower plant, when the flowers are fragrant. As edible flowers, can extract essence. Such as Milan flower tea. And have ornamental value Generally people will put Milan potted can be displayed in the living room, study and porch, quiet and comfortable. Milan is also an excellent scenic tree in the southern courtyard. Put in the room can absorb sulfur dioxide in the air, and chlorine gas, clean the air. Milan also has medicinal uses.


African jasmine, or if it is a more family choice, although they do not know the specific name, in fact, African jasmine is still helpful for the feng shui of the home. 1, the continuous release of oxygen, so that people at home more spirit, work more smoothly, the production of volatile oil has a significant bactericidal effect, can make people relax, conducive to sleep, but also improve work efficiency. On the surface, it seems to be different from the feng shui that we Chinese talk about, but in fact, there is, African jasmine constantly changes the air in the home, making the people inside breathe more comfortable, people become spiritual, it is easier to see what they do, and the success rate is relatively larger. 2. Put it on the windowsill to draw wind into the house. Usually plants will wind, or you stand next to a tall tree will feel, the volume of African jasmine is usually relatively large, if placed in the position of the window, when the wind blows over, he will block the wind, change the wind direction, so that the wind turns and blows into the home, the wind blows in the home, I believe that the feng shui will be good. 3, African jasmine also has the role of warding off evil. There is a saying that the function of dark plants is very good, and the color of African jasmine is relatively dark and tends to be black, and the effect of warding off evil should be very good.


The origin of the "college air purifier" in this organism is the Mexican plateau. Because it can purify the air at the same time benzene, ethylene and formaldehyde. Therefore, it is very suitable for placing in the newly renovated room. New flooring is just one source of harmful substances.


Golden heart hanging orchid can remove harmful substances in the air and purify the air. The medicinal value of the spider plant is very high, and the whole grass can be used as medicine. It has the effect of nourishing Yin and moistening lung, clearing heat and eliminating phlegm, relieving cough and removing phlegm, and promoting blood circulation. Can be used to treat fever, lung heat or lung Yin deficiency, cough, hemoptysis and other diseases. In addition, it can also be taken to treat pharyngitis and other oral diseases. Environmental value Chlorophytum has a good air purification effect, it can absorb carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and benzene in the air and other harmful gases to the human body; In addition, the smell of the spider plant can also kill germs in the air. Landscape use Golden Heart orchid is a very good indoor hanging foliage plant, can be inlaid in the roadside stone cracks, or dotted on the water stone or tree stump bonsai, are unique.


Green leaf hanging orchid does not choose soil, light requirements are not strict. It has a strong function of absorbing toxic gases and the laudatory name of "green purifier" can absorb 95% carbon monoxide and 85% formaldehyde in the air. The plant can photosynthesize in the weak light, the plant can absorb toxic and harmful gases in the air, and a pot of the plant is equivalent to an air purifier in a room of 8 to 10 square meters. Generally in the room to raise 1 to 2 POTS of chlorophyllan, can release oxygen in 24 hours, while absorbing formaldehyde, styrene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other carcinogens in the air. The absorption of some harmful substances is particularly strong, and the carbon monoxide and formaldehyde mixed in the air can reach 95% and 85% respectively; It can also decompose benzene and absorb more stable harmful substances such as nicotine in cigarette smoke; So it is also known as the green purifier of indoor air.


It absorbs oxygen released by carbon dioxide day and night, and is very easy to survive. It has a long life and is easy to cultivate. It has a high ornamental value. And small size, occupy less space, is an ideal ornamental plant for urban family greening. It can improve the environmental quality of the living room. Potted plants can grow into regular large specimen balls, embellish the hall, and show more resplencent gold for indoor potted plants.


Osmanthus effect: light yellow and white, aromatic, extract aromatic oil, make osmanthus extract, can be used in food, cosmetics, can make cakes, candy, and can make wine. Sweet-scented osmanthus can be used as medicine. Use flowers, fruits and roots as medicine. Pick flowers in autumn; Fruit picking in spring; Pick roots all year round and dry them separately. Flower: Hot, warm. Fruit: Xin, Gan, warm. Root: sweet, slightly astringent, flat. Functional indications: Flower: dispel cold break knot, phlegm and cough. It is used for toothache, cough, wheezing and phlegm, amenorrhea and abdominal pain. Fruit: Warm stomach, soothe liver, dispel cold. For deficiency cold stomach pain. Root: dispel wind-dampness and dispel cold. Used for rheumatic muscle and bone pain, back pain, kidney deficiency toothache. Sweet-scented osmanthus tea can nourish the skin and soothe the throat, improve phlegm and cough symptoms, treat duodenal ulcer, reed measles, stomach cold and stomachache, bad breath, and blurred vision.


Brazil iron Brazil iron trunk stout, blade blade shape, green oil, full of vitality, known as "the new star of leaf plants", is quite popular indoor large potted flowers and trees, especially in the wider living room, study, living room display, elegant, rustic, and with southern sentiment. It is a new generation of indoor foliage plants with beautiful shape, regular and world famous. Brazilian iron and its many varieties, because of its special shade tolerance, so are indoor high-grade foliage plants, in the high temperature and wet, sunny conditions will be vigorous growth, conducive to the rapid propagation of operators, take new stems cutting, can be propagated throughout the year. The seedlings needed for industrial production can be obtained by tissue culture method. In general family cultivation, it is recommended to cut the mature stems of potted plants into segments, and the lower part is buried in the perlite, vermiculite, and cinder matrix, which is easy to take root and survive, and the breeding period is in April to September. Brazilian iron root system is strong and developed, the easiest pollution-free cultivation. Brazilian iron with soil cultivation can be transferred to pollution-free cultivation at any time, without the need for recovery period, and can immediately enter hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and office buildings. Pollution-free cultivation of Brazilian iron in the air-conditioned room growth, more satisfactory. Modern building interior green decoration, foreign green design are Brazil iron as the preferred variety. It can be predicted that Brazilian iron will enter the market as the most competitive houseplant and be favored by people from all walks of life.

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