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New FDA Website Guidelines for Use - Dissolution Method Database

2018-03-13 17:36:37

The United States official website is one of the most commonly used websites for research and development personnel, because the retrieval difficulties caused by the update of the webpage version will reduce the work efficiency.


Open your browser and type "United States" into a search.


Click "Drugs" in the figure to enter the Drug retrieval page, and the information of most publicly available original drugs can be obtained from "Drug Approvals and Databases" in the figure below.


Click "Drug Approvals and Databases" in Figure 2 to access the drug approval database, the page is as follows, to enter the list of databases.


Click the "Dissolution Methods Database Search" in Figure 3 to enter the dissolution methods database search page for precise search or fuzzy search.


Click "Printable List of All Drugs in the Database" in "Figure 4" to enter the fuzzy search page, and click "EXCEL" in "Figure 5" to download all drug dissolution methods, which is convenient for offline retrieval.