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New house decoration process little white see no regret!

2018-03-17 00:00:00

I'm sure many people are happy and worried when they get the keys to their new houses. I am happy that I finally have a new house to live in, but I am worried that in the face of new house decoration, I do not know what the new house decoration process is and where to start. Let's talk about the simple steps of the new house decoration process, so that you can easily become a "god". Front row tip: The most important thing for new house decoration is to find the right decoration, it is best to find the kind from head to toe, saving worry and effort. Such as love space, many people recognize the decoration.


The first step of the new house decoration process: tools in place, ready Before the new house decoration, you must prepare a few things in your bag. Tape measure (buy 5m, not 3m), calculator, large board clip (clip sheet, receipt); In addition, it is best to prepare old towels (the kind of soft cotton, which is used to wipe bricks after pasting them) and plastic bags (wrapped on the road interface to prevent dirt from blocking) at the site in advance.


New house decoration process two: arranged, ready to start before the workers enter, it is best to personally measure the corners of the home, take a pen to write down, mark clearly, must not be lazy. The content of measurement mainly includes: first, the area involved in the decoration process is clear, especially the tile area, the wall paint area, the wallpaper area, the floor area; In addition, the main wall size is clear. In particular, it is necessary to design the wall size of furniture in the future. It is best to find a good reputation, good service attitude decoration, such as love space.


New house decoration process three: the main demolition, make the space more practical Main demolition is the first on a project, mainly including wall demolition, wall building, shovel wall skin, demolition heating, plastic steel Windows and so on. After demolition, the garbage should be cleaned out in time to ensure the cleanliness of the room, but also to facilitate the construction.


New house decoration process four: water and electricity transformation, arrange the use of each space water and electricity transformation, there is no regret medicine. Brick on the wall, ceiling on a letter, and then want to add a socket can be difficult. Therefore, be sure to determine the exact location of switches, lamps, basins, bathtubs, washing machines, and so on. Before the transformation of water and electricity, the cabinet designer should come to the door for the first measurement to help you determine the transformation plan of the power supply and waterway. As for the water heater, it is also best to send someone to design the position of the power supply and interface according to the model you have determined. Like love space, it will arrange a special designer to help you, there is no need to find another.


New house decoration process five: Bao Li Taking into account the easy wet environment of the kitchen bathroom, the material of Bao Li must not use wooden keel. Be careful, even if you brush the wood keel with anti-corrosion paint. Light steel keel or red brick. Light steel keel save places, but the strongest use is red brick.


New house decoration process six: Before putting up bricks, buy a good floor drain. Pay attention to the floor drain to buy a special washing machine or shower floor drain, and to deodorant function. After the waterproofing and drawing, we are ready to put up bricks. In addition to normal tiling attention, ceramic tiles soak in water and dry; The broken tiles are left for cutting, but also to emphasize the overall beauty of the tile. Simply put, it is the brick of the upper wall, the width can not be less than 10 cm.


New house decoration process seven: Wallpaper wall paint brush, the oil union in the need to wallpaper the place to brush nitrocellulose paint, paint can dry the next day, and then you can about the master wallpaper. In addition, do not open the window for ventilation within 48 hours after the wallpaper is pasted, and let it dry slowly. You can also communicate with the decoration master to repair the individual warped place.


New house decoration process eight: Install the socket panel, kitchen and bathroom ceiling socket is best to buy with switch function, especially in the kitchen, so that the rice cooker, microwave oven can be free from plug and unplug the power, with the switch can be controlled. First install the water heater and bath bar, after the installation, the ceiling sealing edge can be better half a package of water heaters, that is, more beautiful connection.


New house decoration process nine: Installation of cabinets, beautiful overall kitchen cabinet is born to cooperate with the project, should be about the smoker, stove and sink in advance. Preferably delivered the same day and installed at the same time as the cabinet. Consult with the cabinet in advance to bring the artificial surface that has been cut off from the stove and sink.


New house decoration process 10: Installation of finished doors, installation of hardware should pay attention to the floor should be installed first, to avoid unnecessary damage to the floor in the process of door installation. Install drying racks, curtain rods, lamps, sanitary ware, bathroom and other hardware, it is also recommended that before installing the floor, these dust scattered more projects one by one.


New house decoration process 11: Install the floor, install the radiator floor must be levelled before installation, you can prepare a little peppercorns in advance, do not buy the so-called insecticidal powder brought by the floor worker, let them sprinkle along the kick corner. Decoration to the end, the most easy to neglect. It must be clear in advance that if the installation list is not covered by the home seal, it will not be signed, and pay attention to the various documents for the installation of the radiator. Like love space, and its cooperation are first-line brands, such as the boss, Cohen, etc., and it is a one-stop service, workers do not need to go outside to buy, and after-sales protection.


New house decoration process twelve: Furniture, home appliances enter a new home, furniture bears the brunt. Bed, mattress, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, sofa, dining table and so on. Note that before entering the furniture, the following items should be prepared: disposable shoe covers (do not buy poor quality, tread on the broken), several boxes of activated carbon, ladder, floor protective film.


New home decoration process 13: accessories decorate the last step of home decoration, and has been converted from decoration to decoration, including the installation of curtains belong to the home accessories link. With the embellishment of decorative paintings and the beautiful curtains, the gentle taste of home comes out. As for buying curtains, it is best to order the furniture after, so as not to clash styles. Home accessories can also consider buying some green plants, wall paintings, decorative crafts and so on.