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New house decoration should pay attention to these details

2018-03-17 03:12:00

For those who are about to decorate, the most important thing is to understand the decoration sequence (process). Clear all the projects, and then proceed step by step in an orderly manner, before doing each step, clearly grasp the details and matters that will appear, learn from each other to avoid regrets, so that there is 99% certainty that you can finish the decoration well. In addition, to say an aside, other people's decoration diary is not hurt to see more, but it is best to look selectively, focusing on 2, decoration order and precautions 2, the place of satisfaction and regret. The rest can be seen or not seen.


Tape measure (buy 5m, not 3m), calculator, large board clip (for slips and receipts)


Old towel (the kind of soft cotton, used to wipe bricks after pasting), plastic bag (wrapped around the track interface, can prevent dirt blockage)


Choose the auspicious day, the shooting starts before the workers enter the field, it is best to measure the corners of the home, take a pen to write down, mark clearly, must not be lazy. The content of measurement mainly includes: 1, clear the area involved in the decoration process. Especially tile area, wall paint area, wallpaper area, floor area; 2, clear the main wall size. In particular, it is necessary to design the wall size of furniture in the future.


The main demolition and renovation, so that the space is more practical main demolition and renovation is the first on a project, mainly including the demolition of walls, building walls, shoveling wall skin, demolition of heating, plastic steel Windows and so on. After demolition, the garbage should be cleaned out in time to ensure the cleanliness of the room, but also to facilitate the construction.


Water and electricity transformation, arrange the use of each space water and electricity transformation, there is no regret. Brick on the wall, ceiling on a letter, and then want to add a socket can be difficult. Therefore, be sure to determine the exact location of switches, lamps, basins, bathtubs, washing machines, and so on. Before the transformation of water and electricity, the cabinet designer should come to the door for the first measurement to help you determine the transformation plan of the power supply and waterway. Water heater, it is also best to send someone to design the position of the power supply and interface according to the model you have determined. Remind you oh: the wall below the basin, it is best to leave a power socket, easy to install kitchen treasure. The air conditioning hole and the power supply should be placed on the wall of the head of the bed as far as possible to avoid the air conditioning blowing directly at people in the future. Keep a 20 cm distance between strong current and weak point, for example, leave a 20 cm distance between the socket and the network cable.


Bao Li, the ugly way wrapped up Taking into account the easy wet environment of the kitchen bathroom, Bao Li material must not use wooden keel! Be careful, even if you brush the wood keel with anti-corrosion paint. Remember to use light steel keel, or red brick. Light steel keel save places, but the strongest use is red brick.


Tile, the first thing with a solid texture before the tile, buy a good floor drain. Buy a special floor drain for washing machines or showers, and it should be deodorant. After the waterproofing and drawing, we are ready to put up bricks. In addition to normal tiling attention, ceramic tiles soak in water and dry; Apart from the broken tiles left for cutting, I personally emphasize the overall beauty of tiling. Simply put, it is the brick of the upper wall, the width can not be less than 10 cm. When pasting bricks, we often encounter this situation, saying that the wall width of 1 meter, the brick is 32*32cm, the normal pasting method, 3 whole 1 small. However, 32×3=96, but also reserve 1 cm of pointing space, and finally the remaining small brick can only be pasted 3cm wide. Not to be picky, the narrow strip of brick stuck there is as ugly as it can be.


If you do not buy the finished door, then let the worker master do it. Note: Any carpentry work, even if it is just making passes, must follow this step, the large core board sinking, veneer veneer, and then paint. When mixing oil, there are irresponsible workers who are lazy and brush oil directly on the large core board, which is absolutely wrong. Don't believe the nonsense of individual selling large core board, brushing oil directly on it is no problem. Remember, brush the oil directly, after a while, it will all crack, remember to remember. Now, you don't even brush it, you spray it. It is best to let the workers spray white on the inside of the door and the meter box together, which is not wasted and beautiful. There is nothing to say about painting the wall, leveling, grinding, rolling brush, the effect is good, absolutely rely on your oil worker's craft. My house is white paint except wallpaper, no color. Need to remind everyone, if the wall to brush the color, the color must pay attention to, the color should be lighter than the color card, must not be the same as the color card or deeper than it, otherwise you will regret. Because the wall is painted at least two times, some even three times, the color of the wall will be darker than one layer. About the painting method is spray or roller coating, different people have different opinions. I use roll paint at home. I've never tried spray. It is said that the spray effect is better, but once there is damage to the paint, it will become extremely difficult.


Wallpaper, beautiful wall wallpaper than paint, the effect is much better. After the wall paint is painted, the oil worker brushes the nitrocellulose paint in the place that needs to be affixed with wallpaper, and the paint can dry out the next day, and then you can ask the master to paste the wallpaper. At first, I was worried that the wallpaper would be painted white wall dirty, and then I realized that wallpaper is really a very clean job! My fears were completely misplaced. Note: Do not open the window for ventilation within 48 hours after wallpaper is pasted, and let it dry slowly. Say to the master, if some places are warped, ask him to help repair it.


Installing the socket panel The socket panel can be installed in about half a day. Remind you :1, the socket is best to buy with switch function, especially in the kitchen, so that the rice cooker, microwave oven can be free from plug and unplug the power, with the switch can be controlled. 2, although the switch socket is good, but pay attention to practicality. According to my observation, the five-hole power supply with a switch, three sockets are flat mouth, once your appliance needs to be round mouth three, there will be an empty socket with a depressed situation. Therefore, the multi-purpose socket must also be, even if it has no switch control!


Kitchen ceiling, seal the last ugly part of the first installation of the water heater and bath bar, after the installation, the ceiling edge can be better half a package of water heaters, that is, more beautiful connection. Note :1, it is best to buy aluminum buckle ceiling, even if it is removed after many years, selling scrap aluminum is worth a lot of money. On the contrary, the pvc gusset looks good, but the quality and performance are general, and the plastic things are not worth a few dollars even if they are sold as waste products. 2, to buy the board, to ask the price of the whole package, do not buy the board, corners and corners. But the installation fee is extra


Installation of cabinets, beautiful overall kitchen cabinet is a cooperation project, should be about in advance smoke, stove and sink. Preferably delivered the same day and installed at the same time as the cabinet. Tell the cabinet in advance, bring the artificial surface of the cooker and sink position together, n silver things, can not be given to the home in vain. A water meter, a road, etc., is very useful.


The finished door should be installed before the floor, mainly because the door installation steps are complex, hinge, door lock, door suction, door frame, etc., many tools are used, such as installing the floor first, bumps and bumps are difficult to avoid. My home is to install the floor after the door, the floor knock out a lot of small pits, meat hurt si me.


It is recommended to install clothes drying racks, curtain rods, lamps, sanitary ware, bathroom hardware before installing the floor, these ash and slag scattered more projects one by one.


Unexpectedly, after the floor was paved, the aisle went flat and was very depressed. I had to take it down, level it out with some quick-dip powder and relay it. Prepare some peppercorns beforehand, don't buy the so-called insecticidal powder brought by the floor workers, just have them sprinkle it along the kick corner. Be sure to ask the workers not to cut the floor in the house, cut it in the hallway, and finally clean the hallway.


The installation of radiator decoration to the end, the most easy to neglect. It must be made clear to js in advance that if the installation list is not covered by the home seal, it will not be signed. Pay attention to the installation list of the radiator, (not the purchase list), who is the stamped part? Many js operate in this way, the purchase order is covered by the home seal; The installation sheet is stamped with the installation team's seal. In this way, the so-called "guarantee" is only the radiator itself, but the material is not steel or copper and aluminum, as long as there is almost no quality problems. The easiest place to go wrong is installation! If you agree with the badge of the installation team, you basically give up your right to hold the family responsible. Once there is an accident that soaked the floor and flooded the home, the home absolutely shirks its responsibility, and the installation team is impossible to find someone. The so-called warranty can only be borne by the user.


The biggest manifestation of cleaning, I think is cleaning glass. It is a frightening thing to climb outside to clean a building that high. Followed by floor waxing, wax to buy their own, cheap and easy to use, but must use a cleaning waxing machine, the efficiency is dozens of times faster than manual. The rest of the aspects, I feel that there is no need to rely too much on cleaning, they also take a small blade here to scratch, there to scratch, not so spiritual. Therefore, after cleaning, it is best to carefully clean yourself again. Go to the supermarket and buy a bag of "five cleansers" and some old towels. Use an old towel, stained with dry five clean powder, from the pass to the door, from the tile to the kick corner, a room by room wipe, don't be lazy, the result will definitely make you proud.


Furniture, home appliances enter a new home, furniture bears the brunt. Bed, mattress, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, sofa, dining table and so on. Remind you: Before entering the furniture, you should prepare the following items: disposable shoe covers (don't buy poor quality, tread on the broken), several boxes of activated carbon, ladders, floor protective film (handling wardrobe, TV cabinet, etc. It is best to do a protection on the floor). If you buy a fabric bed, remind you to see if you can remove all the fabric. Because I couldn't stand the static electricity of chemical fiber, the next day I wanted to take down the original cloth cover and go to customize a set of pure cotton, I found that the cloth cover was too long and was nailed into the bed box. Workers lazy, think I can not open the condom for a year and a half. I do not know if other people have this experience, anyway, the worker's master came back the next day, and the heavy bed was quite troublesome to dismantle. Home appliances quickly delivery, cash tight or not in a hurry to wait and say. Appliances are getting better and cheaper anyway.


With the decoration, the home has the flavor with the embellishment of decorative paintings, and with the beautiful curtains, the gentle taste of home will come out. Remind you: Curtain must not spend too much money on dressing, curtain head, lead drop is necessary to add money, but lace, cloth buckle, tassel, this eight yuan, that ten yuan, each meter has to spend twenty or thirty dollars, it is not necessary, and it does not look good

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