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New York Shopping Tour Where to buy jewelry?

2018-01-04 16:00:00

New York is the fashion capital and shopping paradise. From the most luxurious brands to the most affordable gadgets, clothing and jewelry are the most famous. Here are some of the best places to buy jewelry in New York.


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Fifth Ave. is at the heart of Manhattan and is home to the world's most famous fashion brands. When it comes to diamond dealers on Fifth Avenue, the first thing that comes to mind is Tiffany. Tiffany founder Charles Tiffany was known by the American media as the "King of diamonds", in 1886, Tiffany launched the classic Setting series of diamond rings, its six-claw Mosaic design for the first time to maximize the diamond, so that its light can be refracted in all aspects. The "six claw setting method" immediately became the international standard for engagement ring setting. Tiffany New York flagship opened in 1940, characterized by simplicity, the selection of a large number of matte and bright stainless steel as decorative materials, clean and elegant appearance, simple furnishings without any artificial, there is a free and proud, is a typical American decorative style. When it comes to Tiffany, we can't help but think of the beautiful Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. In the 1961 film "Breakfast At Tiffany's", her beautiful picture in a black strapless dress made fans remember, and Tiffany has been more respected since then. Another shining "pearl" on Fifth Avenue is H.Stern jewelry. This jewelry brand is "young" compared to other brands, and was founded in Brazil in 1945 by Hans Stern. Today, H.Stern has developed into the world's fifth largest jewelry brand. The jewelry produced by this company is guided by five principles: outstanding design, comfort, variety, individuality and customer satisfaction. The famous actress Rina Jolie wore a $10 million H.Stern necklace to the 2004 Oscars ceremony, which was the most powerful. Between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Avenue, there is also a famous diamond street - 47th Street. The street is only a hundred meters long, but everyone who walks in here is amazed. On both sides of the street is a diamond merchant one after another, each shop window display rows of diamond rings, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, illuminated by the light, huge diamonds shining, dazzling. 47th Street is the largest diamond street in the United States, with more than 2,600 diamond merchants operating here. On 47th Street, it is not uncommon to see Jews in the traditional dress of black coats, black top hats and curly hair at the temples. Do not underestimate these Jews, because perhaps in some humble young man's pocket, there is a naked diamond worth millions of dollars. It may seem strange, but this is the custom of Jewish merchants who have been dealing in diamonds for generations. Other brands on Fifth Avenue include Cartier and HarryWinston. Although the diamond dealer is a place for most people to pass the "eye addiction", the high-profile and ornate design of its diamond jewelry is also proportional to the high price. However, it is also a treat to be able to see these glamorous pieces in person. Tip: If the brand names on Fifth Avenue are not enough, one street east is Madison Ave., and the Crystal Street from 58th Street to 63rd Street will be worth the trip. The famous French crystal brand Baccarat Gystal and the famous crystal dealer Swarouski with a history of 100 years make this area shine.


Next to New York's famous Park Ave., Lexinton Avenue is much more cramped than Park Avenue's grandeur. However, because the avenue is on a subway line and pedestrian traffic is heavy, both sides of Lexington Avenue are thriving. From my observation, from 42nd Street in Midtown north to 80th Street, Lexington Avenue is lined with no fewer than 20 pieces of jewelry, and most of them are unique designs by unknown designers. These jewelry are cleverly conceived, unique materials, polished "crystal holes", arbitrarily cut turquoise, large particles of color agate, plus the shuttle of silver accessories, many of the unique design of the jewelry is amazing, but also let people remember. Of course, the price is not "gentle", mostly between 200 and 500 yuan, but it is a favorite collection of the family.


For most young people, fashion means trendy, change, publicity, color, their requirements for jewelry is not expensive, but novel design, outstanding style. New York's Times Square (Times Square) and Broadway (Broadway) are not only the temple of musical theatre, but also the avant-garde young people's colony, and tourists must visit. Jewelry around here are specialized in contemporary jewelry, a variety of crystal, imitation diamond, silver jewelry complement each other. Inside, there is no special display design, various styles of jewelry are stacked on the shelves, and the counter is full of trendy hair accessories and makeup mirrors, so many styles. Similar to here, there are Chinatown small goods area, I believe that as long as the people who have been to Chinatown will not be strange. When the purchase of jewelry customers often have the feeling of "pick eyes", fortunately, the price is not expensive, is to buy a few more can afford, then more choices, dress up yourself!


On Canal St. in Chinatown, New York, from Bowery St. to Lafayette St. in several sections of the street, almost one by one, the density of jewelry is breathtaking. The street window displays a variety of glittering gold, diamonds, jade jewelry, traditional and contemporary styles, presenting a dazzling scenery. Chinatown Jewelry has a traditional jewelry design, and most can be haggled. In addition, there are a large number of 24K gold jewelry and jade jade jewelry, popular with Southeast Asian customers, is the second largest jewelry area in New York.


Finally, don't forget New York's many "neighborhood festivals." Here you can see strange objects from all over the world and a variety of ethnic ornaments, many of which are handmade. Like exotic you can "polish your glasses", maybe here, as long as 3 yuan, you can buy a handmade pendant or stone earrings - this is the fun of "".