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News How do I add a subscription

2018-02-08 04:48:00

We are committed to building the most powerful news application to improve the reading experience of watching news for all users. It's easier to get the best content right away than to read the news on your computer. "News portal with attitude" leads news to a platform of attitudinal mass participation. News feeds are rich and colorful, and we can add our own favorite feeds.


News (Android version)


Open the news Android client and click the three-horizontal icon "three" in the upper right corner of the main screen.


Click the button "Add Subscription" in the new interface to add your favorite subscription content.


As shown in the picture, you can subscribe to your favorite, such as "Technology" under the "", click it.


The news will immediately load the news related to "", as shown in the figure.


You can continue to subscribe to other content of interest by clicking the "Add Subscription" button as well.


This information comes from experience

Matters needing attention

In addition to adding subscriptions, you can also sort your subscriptions so that the ones you care about most come first.