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Online group buying tips

2018-01-13 00:00:00

The current popular "group buying" can be said to be in full swing, and the group buying website and group buying information are all over the sky.


One of the secrets, choose a well-known group buying website good and bad, it is recommended to choose a well-known, integrity of the group buying website, after-sales service is more guaranteed.


Second, check the group buying list, the best choice of group buying network into China is not too long, the scope of many group buying websites is not perfect, and many group buying networks are playing tricks. For some relatively large and well-known group buying network, a merchant and users have analyzed and summarized it, and published the ranking of the group buying network in many places. According to this ranking, you can choose the group buying network with relatively high integrity.


Third, login to the group purchase navigation website to pursue excellent group purchase website Now there are many group purchase websites have logged in a lot of group purchase navigation website. Group purchase navigation website can include a city and even well-known group purchase network, and then recommend and compare. The group purchase navigation website will also put some well-known daily group purchase information out for everyone to quickly get group purchase information. Some group purchase navigation websites have a group purchase business praise mechanism, which is very convenient for users to check and compare the reputation and services of the group purchase website.


Secret four, search group buying business word of mouth group friends can make some inquiries on the reputation and services of businesses on websites such as review networks before placing orders, and see how netizens evaluate. You can also play the law to the business to ask its welcome amount.


Read the consumption rules carefully before placing an order, and confirm several important information: validity period, delivery time, limited number of users, whether there are other use restrictions or additional consumption, to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Secret six, listen to more and see more group friends evaluation before group buying is very important to do homework, for their own group of things, you can look at the evaluation of others. For the information of the goods to read carefully, especially some food vouchers, barber coupons and other forms of goods must pay attention to their use of information.


Big brand trusted big brand website on the merchant control and after-sales service are more guaranteed, especially the first payment system, eat the merchant's loss can be compensated on the group buying network. Under the general environment, when the buyer chooses a group buying website, as long as the selection is held in accordance with the above points, I believe that you can choose a more assured group buying website. In addition, many group buying networks have opened a number of city services, in the choice of time must see whether the product can be free mail and limit the city, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble, the formation of time and money waste.