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Orange light game life and death guide

2018-03-27 03:12:47





This matter also needs to start from the seventh day of last month - recall yesterday - click on the life and death book (the front is only one option)


Would rather recover the book of life and death (Du Zhongsheng +1) - or to inquire about the news (here is my own choice to see more plot and meet Hu Qingqing in the six provinces Fang) - Inquire about Hu Qingqing - ridicule him (Du Zhongsheng +1) - Come forward politely (intelligent +1) - angry against him (Du Zhongsheng +1)


Six provinces Fang (will meet Hu Qingqing) - Worship of jade building - lament the legend of worship of jade building (Du Zhongsheng +1) - directly go to ask (Hui +1) - and see Du Zhongsheng plan (plot fragments +1) - Honestly tell you don't know (Hui +1)


Walk around the street - help her up (see more and get clues)


Ask him (Zi Yi +1) - Teach him (Zi Yi +1) - ignore him (Zi Yi +1) Persuade him to leave (Du Zhong Sheng +1) - The Underworld (Intelligent +1) - Eavesdrop on conversations (Du Zhong Sheng +1) Plot Fragment +1) Questioning him (Smart +1) - refusing to talk to him (Plot Fragment +1) - telling him what he's thinking (Plot Fragment +1) presents a second chance to step on the map five times. Helpless bridge (meet a fairy sister may like Xie Bian is only possible!) - Put forward doubts - judge the government (encounter love Xiao Du Shen star, very fierce) - Lotus Spring - water try (Fusu +1 plot fragments +1) lock Sendai (Yuan Xu +1 Remember the beginning of the red-eye devil here originally closed is he just escaped out) temple (before the order does not matter, Finally, we must come here to continue the main story) - he (Du Zhongsheng +1) - calmly accept her a gift (Du Zhongsheng +1) - click nine turn Dan - calm response (Du Zhongsheng +1) - to Du Zhongsheng fight (two options randomly choose no difference)


Du Zhong Sheng line in accordance with the past - heart to come (Du Zhong Sheng +1) Bi An line waved hands refused (Bi An +1)


To continue the main line, this flower is going down with Zhong Sheng. An hour ago - refuse her request (smart +1) Dragon Palace adventure here appear three arrows, want to meet the small nine children's shoes on the pick (also continue the main line of the plot), the left and right can be archived to see, to help you better understand the whole story. (The choice is plus small nine favorable, choose the left and right arrows are plus Du Zhongsheng favorable)


Ask for directions (Tianlu +1) -- comfort him (Tianlu +1) -- have concerns (Tianlu +1 plot fragments +1) refute (Smart +1 Tianlu +1) -- tease him (Tianlu +1) -- Excuse him (Du Zhongsheng +1) -- say goodbye to him (Tianlu +1)


The judge asked him about the bamboo forest to save you (plot fragment +1) -- echoed (Du Zhongsheng +1) -- laughed at the fairy gods (kindness +1) The story of the little carp and the old Dragon King (Plot fragment +1) -- listened to him (kindness +1) Rejected him (Du Zhongsheng +1) questioned Si You (kindness +1) -- A chance to sneak another look at Si You's map. Two choices: 1, like Zi Yi please choose six Sheng Fang - follow up (Lin Zi Yi +1) - continue to follow up (Lin Zi Yi +1) more attention to brush hidden plot please choose to worship jade building (plot fragments +1) know Qin Buxian and He Xiangsi after the past flower back to the underworld. Four options: 1, talk to Xie Bian (Xie Bian +1 Intelligent +1 Plot fragments +1) 2, talk to Fan Wujiu (Intelligent +1) 3, talk to Huang Quan (nothing) 4, find a corner to stay by yourself (nothing) - for his back (Du Zhongsheng +1) - ask for blood (Du Zhongsheng +1) - two options: 1, escape (intelligent +1) 2, start (Yuan Xu +1)

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to save.


Don't tread lightly on the map.