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Outdoor packing luggage can be taken storage tips

2018-04-13 03:12:27

In the outdoors, in fact, when we pack luggage, we can also master more storage skills, such skills are very easy to use, as long as the master of the appropriate storage skills, it can help us to organize the space.


The interior of some outdoor equipment has its own volume, and when selected, such equipment can be used for space reuse.


In some outdoor folding POTS, you can store some bowls and chopsticks, as well as some clean items, or small objects can be stuffed in.


In some tent storage, in fact, you can put some things, because this kind of equipment can be compressed, so it is very convenient.


Some of the hanging points of the backpack can be used in additional use, and such hanging points can be used for everyday things.


Some of the equipment, in fact, do not need the use of functions, as long as there is space, you can install small equipment, outdoor, the more equipment, the easier.


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Some cups can also be put things, outdoor backpack inside and storage bag, choose soft shell, can compress the volume, avoid hard shell, waste space.