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Path of Exile Emperor Trial Maze How to teach skills

2018-03-24 14:24:24

The Way of the Stream How to pass the Imperial Trial maze skill teaching, the way of the stream how to pass the Imperial trial maze? Path of Exile What does the Emperor Trial Maze reward? Many players are not very clear, the following small series to introduce the players, interested in taking a look.


Two forms cycle. The exiles will encounter the Emperor "Izello" three times in the maze, and defeating the "Izello" and completing certain challenges in the maze will earn them the key to the Treasure Chest, which can be used to unlock the treasure chest at the end of the maze.


It is necessary to take the gold key, and the room with the gold key is often in a very close place. Silver key Silver door is to get extra reward, too trouble can not play.


The Imperial Trial Maze also has devices that allow exiles to choose to sublimate a class and enchant an item. Go to the Sublimation Talent table and select a Sublimation talent, then click Next.


After the completion, the talent can be sublimated at the starting point of the talent disk (press P), which is a small triangle on the force sensitive intelligence disk that can be opened and closed.


Each time you complete the Imperial Trial Maze, exiles will be able to captivate an item. Ezello is being assisted by the Crystal Tower: the room contains three crystals with additional curses, namely the Temporal Chain, the Elemental Vital, and the Fragile.


Remove the crystal will give you the last corresponding curse for a few seconds need to pay attention to safety, the impact of the space-time chain is the most serious and the biggest, the other is not important for a Contra, the corresponding props according to my guess is that your next attack can directly destroy a crystal.


Ezelo is being assisted by the general: there will be three skeleton generals on the field, plus no buff, but the general is slow, this is OK, not difficult to play, the corresponding props should be, your next attack can directly eliminate a general

Matters needing attention

The above is the key to how to operate, if you feel that this experience is helpful to you, please give me a little support. You can also express your views below.


Personal opinion.


Play time should not be excessive, it will be harmful to health.