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Photo skills for boys

2018-04-06 12:48:13

In life, many boys are responsible for taking photos, and rarely walk into the camera. It is possible that boys take fewer photos and appear very stiff in photos. Below, learn photo skills with Xiaobian.





First, the first is the question of whether to smile when taking photos, it will not be embarrassing to smile, if you are taking pictures of the face, be sure to smile, (but pay attention to) because a person's smile can infect others, if you feel that your teeth are not very neat, you can smile if you don't look good laughing. You can also have some funny expressions.


If you are taking the side face, you can not smile, choose the side of your best looking face (because some people will find their left face is better than the right face), the eyes can look underground, giving people a deep and profound feeling. Girls are attracted to this kind of brooding guy.


If you feel that your part is a little defective, you can reasonably use some props to cover it, you can block it with your hand, and highlight the part you are most satisfied with.


The above is suitable for shooting the face, and the following is suitable for shooting the vision. If you feel uncomfortable facing the camera when taking some scenery shots, you can turn your back to the camera. Turning your back to the camera will not only eliminate your fear of mirrors, but it will also make you look very involved, but remember to show your charm.


Boys are most attractive when they are doing something very seriously, so you can pat the little things around you, for example, when reading a book carefully. Can also shoot cooking, a boy can cook is not more popular with girls?


Boys take photos must be confident, actively show their own advantages, if you have a good body, you can show your strength, strong and powerful boys make people feel very masculine; If your smile is contagious, laugh more. It's all about showing off what makes you tick.

Matters needing attention

No matter how many skills or have to rely on their own slowly explore, the premise is to be confident.


I hope it was helpful, remember to like oh, thank you.