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Photography travel Guide

2018-03-18 22:24:15

Referred to as "Sichuan" or "Shu", the landform here is mainly mountainous, with mountains, hills, and plateau 4 types of landform. So it's a photographer's paradise. It is also a paradise for tourists, where you can't refuse her hot food, can't refuse her amazing natural scenery, and can't refuse her ancient Shu culture. Here is a guide to find the most beautiful places to take photos.


Medical supplies, heavy clothes


Spare battery


Since it is a tourism guideline, I will give you a brief introduction to the preparation for playing at the beginning. First, choose a tour, then the heart must already have one or two want to go to the scenic spots, so be sure to book tickets in advance. Two, travel together, in addition to asking for help, other people will refuse to take the initiative to chat up strangers. Third, according to their own good tourist attractions to book accommodation in advance, otherwise you will go a lot of wrong way. Fourth, do a good job of scenic spots in advance, do not just join the ranks of travel agencies, tourist cities, there are many traps. Many scenic spots belong to the plateau area, beware of altitude sickness.


Snack city - "Walk with me in the street until all the lights are out and do not stay" a "" once again the impression in people's eyes. It is a very laid-back city with deep cultural heritage, slow pace of life, and many interesting attractions around. The food is really let people linger, the strongest snacks in the wide narrow alley, you can eat snacks and authentic Sichuan food. It is the "city of food" and also a "Yonghua" city.


Fairyland on earth - there is a saying "Jiuzhai return does not look at the water", this sentence is the most true interpretation. It is not only a stunning and beautiful paradise, but also rare animals such as giant pandas and golden monkeys. The water can be called the best. The most memorable thing is. Located in the highest point, from a distance, is shrouded in a mist, like a fairy wearing white gauze. This is not only a resort for photography, but also an excellent place for painters to sketch.


The world Qixiu -- lofty and varied, low mountains in the east, potential if; Central Qunfeng Zhi Zhi, such as bamboo shoots such as lotus, as picturesque poetry; The mountains in the west are majestic and majestic. Spring all things sprouting, lush; Summer flowers bloom, colorful; Autumn red leaves full of mountains, colorful; In winter, it is covered with white snow. The main peak is high in the sky and stands firm. During the ascent, you can overlook the snowy peaks in the west, overlook the mang in the east, and the momentum is male and the landscape is strange, there are four wonders of the sea of clouds, sunrise, Buddha light and holy lamp. Central mountains peaks, with smoke and condensation green, waterfalls, flowers, flowers, and beautiful scenery. Every season, from every Angle, you can shoot the best scenery.


The last piece of pure land -- Aden From the departure to Aden about 850 kilometers away, by car direct, ticket price 267 yuan, shuttle bus takes two days, accommodation in the bridge for one night. The main cost of playing is transportation, the second is accommodation, the difference between different standard prices is large, and the general free travel needs at least 1500 yuan to play. Needless to say, the scenery here is as beautiful as fairyland.


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There are many places to play, if you have a better understanding of the place you want to go, you must book in advance, accommodation and tickets. Tourist route: City - E - Hailuogou - Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain - Aden.

Matters needing attention

Do a good job of the route, less detours