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Photo-taking skills

2018-02-16 08:00:00

With the popularity of intelligence, not only the configuration and performance have been improved, but also the pixel has been greatly improved, and the use of photography has become a lot of MM's favorite, but there are also many MM are very troubled how to take beautiful photos? There must be some selfie skills, the following Xiaobian will share with you the next photo tips.


Tip 1: Pay attention to the selection of light We know that the light will determine the photo effect, the photo effect during the day must be clearer than at night. So what light problems should be paid attention to when using photos?


If you choose outdoor photography, we recommend that you try to choose uniform light, good light shooting, and try to use natural light shooting effect is better, it should be noted that it is best not to take photos in the outdoor by direct sunlight shooting, because the light is too strong will also affect the photo effect. In addition, if the light is very strong, as far as possible back to the light, the strong backlight will make the background have some fuzzy beauty. If it is taken indoors, because of the general lack of light in the room, taking photos with the help of Windows will be a good choice. Of course, artificial lighting can also be carried out, such as the use of lighting effects is also a good choice. The LG G3 is equipped with a 2.1 megapixel lens on the front, which is also good for selfies, supports beauty functions, and has a gesture camera function. Due to the laser focusing function, the machine is very fast in focusing photos, even in low light environments can also take very good photos.


After understanding the principle of light photography, the following photo poses and expressions are also very important, many people can make a variety of beautiful postures and natural expressions, and the photos taken are natural and beautiful. We may wish to think about why the models in the magazine have so much aura, but sometimes the effect of our photos feels very blunt and forced, and the big reason is that the expression and the pose of the photo. Here are some tips to optimize your facial expressions and posture.


When taking photos, you should learn to flexibly apply your body parts to take photos of the upper body, because the shoulder with the face gives a different curvy beauty, if you continue to stick to a layer of unchanged hands in the waist or do scissors gestures, you may wish to try to use the curvy shoulders. The eyes are the window of the soul, many people can see what a person is thinking through the eyes, so when taking photos, if you can use the eyes to express your thoughts, then the effect of taking photos will be more delicate and moving. That is to say, it is best to have content in the eyes, delicate and pitiful, sexy charm, in short, can not give people the feeling of absent-mindedness or not in the state, the effect gives people a very forced effect, naturally can not be perfect. In fact, it is expressed through the eyes to convey feelings, eyes slightly from the bottom up, will be more intense, eyes bigger. Of course, natural is beautiful, and it is even better with your most confident smile. In addition to paying attention to the above scenes, light and the use of prominent parts of the body, the expression is also an important factor in determining the beauty of the photo, we can find that the TV obviously took a variety of photos are very good, a large part of the credit lies in the obvious play of a variety of rich expressions, but not the star is born to play the expression, It is also accumulated through continuous learning, so how do we learn the control of expression when taking photos?


We can face the mirror, the mouth is "a", "o", "e" word open, carefully check, see the upper and lower row of teeth bite condition and alignment uniformity, and then carefully look at their various expressions when speaking, such as whether the brow involuntarily wrinkled, observation and then improve, you know, expression is the first step of beauty, more practice, I believe you can also make a variety of natural beautiful expressions.