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"Plants vs. Zombies 2" mysterious Egypt the ninth day of three stars clearance guide

2018-01-06 03:12:00

"Plants War Zombies 2" Chinese version of the mysterious Egypt the ninth day of the three stars customs clearance graphic guide [Egypt the ninth day of the three stars customs clearance conditions] · At least 4500 sunshine production · Do not lose more than 2 plants · Do not lose any cart [Egypt the ninth day of the three stars level introduction] This pass is difficult. 4500 sun is not a small amount, you must bring the twin sunflowers, the twin sunflowers need 20 Egyptian stars free redemption. Because you cannot kill more than two plants, you cannot continue to produce sunlight by destroying the attacking plants at the end, and you must produce 4,500 sunlight before killing all the zombies. Pharaoh zombie, iron bucket zombie this must be hard to fight, need to use nuts to block the zombie pressure. When the nut is about to rot, you can add energy beans or plant another nut in front of you. [Egypt's ninth day three star plant selection] 1, sunflower, the basic production of sunlight plants. 2, twin sunflower, a double production of sunlight. 3, the cabbage pitcher, the basic throwing unit, can directly hit the zombie over obstacles such as tombstones. 4. Nuts, the most basic defensive plants, can block zombies and protect the plants behind them. 5, Boomerang shooter, long-range penetration attack, attack up to 3 targets at a time and deal secondary damage. 6, double shooter, fired two peas in a row to attack the enemy. Free redemption of 100,000 gold coins. When the 6 slots are opened, you can choose a pea shooter or a double shooter, or you can not select a shooter when it is not opened. Frozen lettuce, potato mines, and rattan do not make sense because more than two plants cannot be killed. Plant 3 regular sunflowers, then plant 5 cabbage pitchers in the second row to kill the first wave of zombies. Find time to plant twin sunflowers, as many as possible. If you come out with roadblock zombies and iron bucket zombies, you must use nuts to withstand, nuts do not put the queen, can be placed in the 5th row or 6th row. As appropriate, plant boomerang shooters in the third row. When the tombstones have been cleared, the nuts can be planted to the 6th or 7th row. Double cell sunflowers can be planted behind the nuts. When the big wave zombie arrives, the available energy bean is added to the cabbage pitcher, equivalent to a full-screen attack. If the nut will hang, use energy beans to hold the nut, or plant another nut in front of the nut. If there are still gaps behind the nuts, you can continue to plant twin sunflowers, or boomerang shooters. Postscript: Although six card slots were opened, I only used five plants in this level, indicating that five card slots can also obtain three stars. There will be many ways to pass the customs, but this is nothing more than a variety of twin sunflowers, make good use of energy beans and nuts.