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Play Beautiful Coconut City

2018-04-02 14:24:23

The city is located in tropical, tropical presents diversity, rich in coastal natural characteristics of scenery. Since the opening of the port in the Northern Song Dynasty, it has a history of nearly one thousand years. It is a city that is "suitable for traveling, eating and living", "good for the eyes, good for health and good for the heart". Strange volcanic geological remains, Nanyang style street, loyal and brave cultural landscape, mysterious beach guard mangrove...... Makes for a rich and varied experience.


Camera, money


A fantasy journey through time - Feng Xiaogang Film Commune Mission Hills Chinese Fellowship Feng Xiaogang Film Commune is located in Mission Hills International Golf Resort, in these Feng film scenes as the characteristic architectural style of the blocks, will gather different brands and characteristics of food, dining, entertainment, cinema, coffee shop, boutique, boutique wine... Unforgettable movie scenes, rich nostalgic atmosphere, day and night transformation of tourist commercial blocks, the transformation of Chinese city blocks in a century, will make the whole project set architectural tourism, film tourism, commercial tourism in one.


The artistic feel of the century-old street - the Nanyang style of the old street, the old street is one of the most distinctive street landscape in the city. The oldest of them, the Four archway, was built in the Southern Song Dynasty and has a history of more than 700 years. The old Street with its uniqueness and uniqueness won the first ten "Chinese historical and cultural streets" title. Mainly distributed in the city of Desheng Sha Road, road, road, road, road, long embankment road and other old blocks. Most of them were built by a group of overseas Chinese who came back from Nanyang at the beginning of last century and learned from the architectural style of Nanyang at that time. Most of the shophouses are full of elegant and detailed sculptures and Western decoration, very baroque taste. The floors are not too high, two or three floors are mostly, and some still retain the earlier business houses, and the exquisite carvings at the railing, doors and Windows.


Located in Shishan Town in the southwest of the city, the Shishan Volcanic Group Global Geopark is a graben-rift type basic volcanic activity geological remains, and is also one of the few dormant volcanic groups in China with volcanic eruption activity in the Holocene (present 1), with high scientific research, popular science and tourism value. According to geologists, Qiongbei volcano erupted in the Cenozoic Early Tertiary period, and the last eruption was in the Quaternary Holocene, about 13,000 years ago. After the sea, the earth has changed, here also preserved 36 ring cup cone crater geomorphological sites, of which the Ma 'anling crater elevation of 222.8 meters, is the highest peak in northern Qiong. END

Proper food

"Eat" shows four characteristics: fresh, natural, strange, rich. Food lies in appreciating the freshness of light food, and in respecting and tasting the original flavor. Real food, not what arcade snack street, what square what city and what grilled fish sushi, this east East which city have? ! Just authentic is not authentic ~~ Come, want to eat the most authentic!


Flour is the office worker's favorite breakfast. Authentic powder under the South Bridge, in fact, the boss has changed several generations, but the people's West powder, missed the morning market, you can only wait for the next day!


It's cheap to eat seafood. People's Bridge under the seafood square, in the river to buy directly next to the processing, see which boss hospitality on which, I choose I like! You can also go to Xinbu Island Gate seafood, eat seafood on the boat, let you have a full addiction.


Pepper salt is the combination of pepper and salt, to achieve the state of immersion, to achieve you have me, I have you. When tasting fruits, the most indispensable is chili salt, watermelon, mango, pineapple, pomegranate, orange...... For them is simply a "rare condiment" ~~ touch the conscience to say! Have you ever "loved" chili salt? END

Suitable for leisure

Urban garden - a favorite place for residents to relax. Located in the eastern part of the province, the middle of the avenue, with a total area of 1070 acres. Wan unique tropical coastal characteristics and ecological landscape garden characteristics, the blue sky, green water, wilderness, modern high-rise integration, mainly tropical ornamental plants, but also planted tropical, subtropical ornamental plants, fully reflect the tropical scenery, seaside characteristics, international tourist attractions characteristics.


Characteristic farmhouse - Characteristic rural areas eat farm food, live in farm houses, learn farm work, enjoy farm music. Fish pond fishing: quality mountain spring flowing water quality. Fruit and vegetable picking, vegetable recognition. Chess box, characteristic farm housing. Yes, these are the characteristics of the countryside

Matters needing attention

Keep your valuables safe


Pay attention to safety